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3 Mature Men ,In their Middle age ,and 3 Women ,strong ,ambitious and pretty
The difference here instead of 4 couples there are 3 only
Older man/Younger Woman

Recommended by Lustdrama - Aug 8, 2019
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Those who loved Cubic will love this drama too
The Ml in both dramas are lonely wolves and sth shady about their buisness
Both shelter the girl despite being used
Calm Man in both
The girl is miss sunshine in both
Recommended by Lustdrama - Mar 12, 2019
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Both about the fight between the 2 MLs to win
Its office BL
Both about who is the Top and who is the Bottom
Recommended by Lustdrama - Mar 2, 2019
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3 lives the happy phase on the Island , The hell in the modern world
ML has 3 characters: simple hard working ,powerful, stupid
Amnesia the FL has double Amnesia
Evil SF :same level of evilness
Shameless SF the worst for CEO woman
2 wives or wife and concubine

Recommended by Lustdrama - Oct 9, 2018
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The FL is a star
The ML is her neighbor
The ML is the her superman
The comedy is almost the same
The FL sometimes clumsy
Recommended by Lustdrama - Sep 8, 2018
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-The princess is in love with her Body guard
-The knight looks the same as the king in A frozen Flower
-the knight is somehow gay or Feminine
- I think its a parody or a different narrative of A frozen Flower.

Recommended by Lustdrama - Sep 6, 2018
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The korean drama is not about time traveling still has the same elements like fashion in the ongoing era is the future fashion , human rights and dating agency is the same as marriage beurue
The thai drama is like a spin off of the Let us meet's ML'sister who is into reading romantic novels
Recommended by Lustdrama - Aug 31, 2018
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The synopsis tell a story of a great lovd that has similarities with Classic
-Same plot and conditions
-epic love story

Recommended by Lustdrama - Aug 26, 2018
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The 2017 ML character similar to LMIYD ML
The relation ship between leads like detective and assistant
Mainly the crime and mind games
Recommended by Lustdrama - Aug 24, 2018