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The Double Life of an Evil Banana
this title doesn't make much sense but again neither does the rant that follows it so...

It all started the summer before High School when I was bored with no TV or even a book unread and I found a link to a Japanese series: Hana Kimi. And I thought "Why not?". Little did I know that there would be a whole new universe strechting out in front of me.

Yes Dramaland was like these leopard panties (metaphorically speaking obviously)

And guess what? I loved it. So much that I actually spent most of my HS years watching dramas and unsuccessfully trying to share this love with others. Give me all the fluff, the hilarious nonsense and the slight amount of angst to prove that my OTP is meant to be.
Yes you should be proud Nakatsu, after all you're the one to blame for all this, you flawless basterd

But then University started and my brain decided that it was time for me to take a break and since I was (and still am) studying English and German, I switched back to your "usual American series". However from time to time I still binge on dramas and damn does that feel good. Especially since 99% of the time, my OTPs do end up together in Dramaland. What more could you ask?

I watched a bunch of dramas so far and I have a long list of favourites but Capital Scandal and Tamna the Island will always be my Top 2. So if you watched them and liked them or if you are planning on watching them

This was a pointlessly random About Me section presented to you by Care the Evil Banana who is in a dramabinging phase again


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