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United States, Philippines


United States, Philippines

Haii! My name is Angelica and i have been watching Dramas since i was a kid in the Philippines!

Filipino dramas were my first and then along with Kdrama. Back in the Philippines there were some Kdramas that were translated in filipino, filipino actors would dub them so we would understand it. My first kdrama was Full house and Meteor Garden since it was shown on tv because it was really famous in the Philippines! I did not know that it was kdrama because it was dubbed in filipino language until i searched their names, then found out the actors are korean. 

 When we moved to the U.S, My cousin recommended me to watch  "To the Beautiful you" and Me and my Aunties fell in love and we started watching Kdrama in our normal day to day life

I also watch different types of dramas, Other than Filipino drama, and Korean drama, i watch Chinese drama, Japanese drama, Taiwanese drama

I also watched Anime in the Philippines! Again they dubbed it in Filipino so i didn't know until i searched it. My first anime was Doraemon, Detective Conan, One Piece, Naruto, and Pokemon. 

Years later i found Rozen Maiden and Sword art online and discovered more anime and watched anime in my daily life

Both anime and dramas are part of my llife!!! whats also part of my life is music and art. Because of how diverse is in my little world, i learn to accept and love different types of music!! 

  • I like 
  • Anime songs ! (whether is opening or ending songs just all of it xD)
  • Drama soundtracks (whether is k/j/c/t/f-dramas)
  • Instrumentals
  • Kpop of course! and Jpop!
  • Filipino songs!
  • Basically any song with any type of language! if i like it, i try to memorise it then sing it

I love to sing too! it's normal in the Philippines to celebrate while singing karaoke xD that grew on me so i use my voice to sing different types of songs! i actually have an singing app where i sing alot! it's smule! add me there and let's be friends! my username is @Rmshinku 


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