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I have been a fan of Korean dramas and movies since early 2000s.

Since mobile phones were pretty much expensive before and having internet connection back then was a luxury (well, i guess for me), all I relied to back then was our local channel. It was pretty much harder to watch and be knowledgeable of all the dramas back then, unlike now that you can access everything all over the internet. :)

The most memorable movies I have watched back then were Antique Bakery(Kim Jae Wook & Yoo Ah In), Windstruck and My Sassy Girl (Jun Ji Hyun).
Among my favorite Kdramas were Full House, Coffee Prince, Dal Ja's Spring, Stairway to Heaven and soooo many more mention. :)

Currently, there are a lot that has been added to my favorite list but among those, these are the most remarkable for me:  Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart, Reply 1988, Chicago Typewriter, Prison Playbook, and Sky Castle.

I am not that hard to please when it comes to watching. I just tend to enjoy what I watch and I don't criticize too much. What I'm after is the lesson I would learn and the feeling I would get after watching a drama or a movie. And that's where I basically based my ratings.

I knew about MDL just recently and made an account just so I could track the shows I have watched cause I have been so forgetful ever since I had a child. Haha.  And now, I am basically enjoying it here since I recently discovered that it also has  a feed wherein we could post and gain new friends as well.

I'm pretty much new about everything here so please bear with me! :)

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my profile! :)

-- still under construction :)

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