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Doctor Stranger
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by ShreeyaSharma

Jul 10, 2014
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 7.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
For anyone who's been paying attention to the weekly episode reviews I've been posting, it is quite obvious that I've been following this show religiously for the sole purpose because it had an amazing beginning. I do not exaggerate but the start of the show really was one of a kind for me. But this show just might be the prime example of how things sometimes go downhill in a Korean Drama. The plotline of the show was strong, it had the potential to be great, if executed properly. The thing that didn't work for me at all was the writing of the show. It was clearly evident from the trajectory of the episodes that the writers were making things up as they go. That is not a great trait for any drama, it basically ruins everything. If this had been an older drama that I was watching now, I would have definitely dropped it by the 10th or 11th episode (They were the weakest episodes from the whole list of weak episodes) for sure. But since I felt a sense of loyalty towards the show and the actors, I watched it regardless of that, just to see how the writers would screw up next week. There were some really great medical elements though, I loved every hospital scene. What irked me was that a mystery and suspense that had started out so brilliant was warped and made into an annoying recurring subplot that ruined the rest of the drama. The writers tried to revive the show towards the later episodes but sadly they couldn't get it back up on the level it was before, far from it. All in all the execution of a possibly good plot was delivered disappointingly on the writers' part. The acting in the show was, moderately good. Lee Jong Suk did a phenomenal performance as Park Hoon. He was bright, he was sharp, he had skills, he WAS Park Hoon. The next person who totally stole every scene he was in was Park Hae Jin. That actor deserves more than he's getting! He did an absolutely amazing job as Han Jae Joon, the broody brilliant doctor with a shady past and a purpose of revenge. Watching these two guys was a prize I got in return for sticking with the show. The female leads were okay, I wouldn't say they were that good. The rest of the cast was pretty experienced and did well in their respective roles. I don't have much complains in the acting department. The OST of this drama was superb. I loved every track, I've got every one of them on my phone and I listen to them quite often. The background score is pretty great as well, intense and hits the right nerve. If I had to choose one thing that worked out well for this drama, I'd say it was the Music. This drama is not something I'd like to go through again, it made me rethink about watching shows that are airing currently. But I guess I shouldn't generalize. The overall score of 7 was mainly because the show had a really strong and impressive beginning, nevermind the steep slide it went through after the half-run. In all honesty I cannot recommend this drama to anyone anymore. I did when the show had just begun and had started galloping awesomely but now I'm embarrassed to even suggest the show. A show that began so wonderfully made me ask myself what the hell is happening and why am I watching this anyway is not something I'd recommend. It had it's moments, it's got one hell of a medical drama aspect but the script of the show becomes downright meh after the 10th episode and you just have to go along with whatever twist or boomerang they throw at you. Watch at your own risk.
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