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Namaste! Anyonghaseyo?

I'm an Indian college student who's fairly new to Dramaland. I'm mostly exploring the Korean realm of dramas and movies at the moment, though I'm sure if time allows it, I will be able to watch good                                                       stuff in other languages as well.                                                                    

I'm a proven Drama addict who's been prohibited from talking about K-Drama or Korean actors among my friend circle because they do not want to jump on my wagon and cannot tolerate my obsession anymore either. 

    But that doesn't stop me from fangirl-ing or gushing about them! XD

                                                      An avid fan of the following actors.                                                                        Even thinking their names has brought a smile to my face :P                       

                                                Jang Geun Suk                


I couldn't say something about him and not take your whole day. My love for him is inexplicable. It's like I'm iron and he's a strong magnet, I just can't help it :D My stalker guide to him! That'll     surely let you know how crazy I am about him XD         

Lee Min Ho


I've been struck by his charm and smile since my K-Drama obsession began. He's the first actor that I stalked, the first guy I fangirled over, the first guy I had an unhealthy obsession over :P You name it! He'll always hold a special space in my heart :)

        My recent discoveries have made a few more partitions of my heart. The guy listed below have managed to tunnel their way into my heart and brain! 

                                                Lee Jong Suk


This guy had me intrigued in Secret Garden and I'd been keeping tabs on him since. I've seen all his dramas and love him and his acting more and more with each! He's got brilliant acting skills for someone so young, he's got the ability to capture the emotions so flawlessly. With him, intense is unnerving, comic is hilarious, sad is devastating, and romance is breathtaking. Pinocchio is hands down the best show I've ever seen as of yet. I've got a serious crush *O*

                                              Choi Jin Hyuk


One of the actors with a hell of a lot talent that's just waiting to come out! His acting skills surprise me every time watch him on screen. I first saw his work in Fated To Love You, after which I saw Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book and currently watching him in Pride and Prejudice. He's got a real charisma, you simply cannot take your eyes off the screen when he's on. Magnetic performances! 

                                               Park Hae Jin                    


I have no clue what it is about Park Hae Jin that makes me like him! I've seen him in YWCFAS as a second lead, didn't even pay much attention to him in fact (deeply regret that), saw him in Doctor Stranger again and that's where his work impressed me. Despite the fact that the show itself was lacking on a very fundamental level, PHJ's acting was commendable. His acting makes you pause and notice him. The way he delivers his line is purely enigmatic. I'm eagerly waiting to see him in a lighter lead role, although you won't hear me complain about the amazing work he's doing in Bad Guys as a genius psychopath. 

After having watched a few good dramas I realized I don't have a favorite genre, just a few basic criterion that make a drama likable. I like watching a thriller, action or even a RomCom. ANYTHING will do in fact, if it has GOOD:

                                     1. Story   2. Actors    3. Execution  4. Novelty

My first K-drama:


Needless to say since it had been the first drama I'd seen, I really liked it then but as I began watching more dramas, I realized my naivety.

The drama that was the turning point for me


After BOF and a couple of other dramas I'd stopped watching dramas for sometime, until I saw Secret Garden. After watching this, there has been no looking back. At any given point, I'm watching or rewatching some drama anyhow. It's still one of the best shows I've seen. Definitely a must watch K-Drama. I love everything about it, yes, even the sparkly track suits Hyun Bin wears!

                                                     My other interests include:

      Reading - I like reading fiction. Mostly epic fantasies and contemporary or historical romance. 

      Sketching - My profile picture is a sketch of JGS that I made recently :D Link to -> deviantArt

                             I'd like to visit Seoul someday and see as many sites as I can.                                               Maybe even attend some fan meetings of my favorite actors *O*  ^^*                                                I'm currently learning Korean and for once I'm not slacking :D 

                                                  Thank you for visiting my profile!

                 If you think there is a show I should watch and haven't, please let me know! :)


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