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Love So Divine
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by ShreeyaSharma

Jul 18, 2014
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
I was skeptic even while the movie was buffering to begin. I almost closed it. I'm not religious as such so the whole 'going-celibate-in-service-of-god-because-you-love-him-alone' thing has always seemed a little outlandish to me. No offense to the people who follow this, I have respect and admiration for what they do, it's just not something I agree with. But I still began watching it, and it was quite pleasant. I wouldn't say the story is anything exciting or there are great build ups. It's a nice, sweet story that can be enjoyed without any issues. It gets much better towards the end, when emotions are shown more vividly, things move at a quicker pace. Somewhere in the middle I thought the movie lost its aim, but I can overlook that since the later half was pretty nice. This is the second movie of Sang Woo that I'm watching and I think he is very likable as an actor. I especially liked his role in this movie and he did a great job with the performance. Ha Ji Won is considered as one of the best actresses ever, but somehow I've never been able to connect with her acting. She always seems a little off to me. I'm not judging her acting skills, don't get me wrong. She played the character really well. The rest of the cast, especially the guy who played Sundal (Go Mi Nam's manager in You're Beautiful) was hilarious. Lovely work by everyone! I didn't like anything in particular from the Music in this movie, it wasn't unpleasant but it didn't strike the right chords with me. As far as rewatching goes, I'd have to pass it. This was more like a one time watch movie for me, frankly. It's a nice movie, you could watch it when you want to take a breather. Not regrettable.
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