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Emergency Couple
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by ShreeyaSharma

Aug 13, 2014
21 of 21 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
This is the second medical drama that I've seen (the first one being Doctor Stranger). Both the dramas were of a different genre so I can't really compare them but despite that fact where one drama disappointed me time and again (I guess we all know about the downfall of DS), the other surpassed all the expectations I had from it. I wouldn't call the story of this drama a work of a genius but it was a fresh concept for me and worked really well on screen too. The characters were quite realistic and believable. I had fun following all the stories that were strung together in an enjoyable manner. The thing I loved about the drama was that even though there were many cameos and supporting casts that appeared infrequently, nobody seemed like an extra piece. I especially enjoyed the ER scenes. Though I couldn't understand more than half of medical conditions and treatments they spoke about, I could really feel the tension and the panic they tried to show. It was completely natural and effortless on the writers' part. The actors did a splendid job in my opinion. They practically didn't look like actors to me but rather as actual doctors/interns. They must have worked their asses off to get the right feel for their characters. Kudos to them. Much of the credit for the love I have for this show goes to the actors because they made me fall in love with the drama in the first place. The chemistry between all the couples(and also almost-couples) was great, nothing seemed out of place. The baby who plays the character of Gook deserves a special mention because he was absolutely adorable in whatever shot he gave! :D Honestly, during the first few episodes the music almost ticked me off because I couldn't connect with it at all. Especially when they played the songs at the end of the episode. Those songs were frankly VERY misplaced. The end of the episode would be on a mellow or sad note and then suddenly you'd have this super peppy song as an end theme. But as the show progressed they rectified that I guess because even the songs got better and felt more natural. By the end of the show I was in love with the OST track 'Scent of a Flower'. Both the male and female versions were beautiful. Choi Jin Hyuk has a knee-wobbling voice. Worth a listen! I could definitely watch this drama again in a while. Not in the immediate future but maybe in a few months. A well acted and executed drama that I really like surprisingly. The finale of the drama was a treat to watch as well. Nothing felt rushed, everybody got their ends properly. The reason I have given the show a 9/10 rather than a 10/10 despite liking it so much is because although I really appreciate the fact that they gave a good end, it felt a little incomplete for my taste. This is not a flaw, mind you. Maybe the writers left the rest for us to imagine but in my personal opinion I'd have liked it more if they could have wrapped it up in a more definitive manner. I have absolutely no other complains with the show, it was a delight to watch! Don't miss it :)
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