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The Master's Sun
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by ShreeyaSharma

Aug 30, 2014
17 of 17 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
Another highly acclaimed and loved drama that I was putting off (It's become my habit to that) and regretting watching it so late. But better late than never. You should also take that into account and watch this show if you haven't yet, you're missing out on some really good writing and acting. The story had me hooked right from the beginning. The moment I read the synopsis I knew I wanted to watch the show, but again the generally high ratings were turning me off a little, as I didn't want to start the show with unrealistic expectations. I began it nonetheless and to be honest I should have lowered my expectations a little and I might have enjoyed it more, much more than what I felt this time. The execution and direction was praiseworthy. The horror element could have easily become pitiable and downright miserable, but the writers kept a good balance between spooky and funny. The pace of the show is.. good. I wouldn't say it is perfect since it gets a little draggy in the middle, but that usually happens in almost all the dramas, even the really good ones, so it's not really something you should base your decision on, just giving you a heads up. The actors. Wow. Impeccable work. Su Ji Sub was a pure delight to watch on the screen. His persona and charm as Joong Won was impressive. I could easily connect with the character because of him. Same goes for Hyo Jin. I'm currently watching another work of her's (It's Okay It's Love) and she's simply marvelous. I loved the work of each actor in this show. Each and everyone. I'm definitely going to try other works by these actors. The OST of this drama was really likable. The songs were beautiful and catchy, and put forth the emotions well. The melody of the tracks especially, was quite soothing. Despite the fact that there is so much I like in this show, there are things that stopped me from giving it a perfect overall 10 rating. It's definitely one of the shows I could rewatch again without much hesitation. But there was still the slight glitch that I faced towards the later part of the show. Too much push-pull tactic going on between the lead pair for my taste. Granted it's not unreasonable and foolish, there's a good solid reasoning behind it, but for me, it went on a little too long. But the writers need to be commended for giving a good and proper ending to the show. I was really happy with the finale. Almost so much that I forgot about the way it was dragged :P Either way, don't let anything stop you from trying out this show. It's absolutely worth the watch. All the genres that the drama incorporates (Horror, Romance, Mystery, Comedy), everything is in a perfect blend and nothing overpowers the other. A really well crafted show. Don't miss it!
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