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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
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by ShreeyaSharma

Aug 10, 2017
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
It has been ages since I have been compelled to write a review for a drama. Not that I haven't seen good (or bad for that matter) dramas lately, just that, none of them made me want to stop and sit and write about them. There was something so captivating about Moon Lovers that I had been hooked since the first episode. I binge watched it straight till the final episode and I am so glad I picked it up after it was completed, I wouldn't have been able to wait for weeks to watch the episodes otherwise. When I read the storyline I was kind of expecting something along the line of 'Faith', a drama that had already dealt with a modern character being stuck in history due to rare astronomical occurrences. I had loved Faith and wasn't sure how this drama could handle something similar and stand out or trip and fall, even. I have been pleasantly surprised at every turn when it comes to the drama. The story was so beautifully unfolded that I didn't even realize I had spent 20 hours watching it. The pace was so thrilling, the sub-plots so well blended with one another, the twists were thrilling, it was a memorable journey from the first scene till the last. The way the writers have handled all the characters and their individual stories as well is commendable. I found myself warming up to the characters unexpectedly. Until the very end I was skeptical, rational and kept my wits, but the finale did it. Such a marvelous beauty. It's going to be a long, long time before I forget the characters, the story or this drama. I won't lie. Lee Joon Ki drew me into the drama. I probably wouldn't have picked this amazing drama up in the first place if it hadn't been for him. I might have missed out, but then I think it is safe to say that one of the MAJOR reasons this show was so unforgettable was because of him. I haven't seen such a powerful performance by an actor in such a long time. He made me feel bad for him, he made me fall for him, he made me laugh, he made me hate him, he made me cry with him. Until the very end, this guy held my attention like my life depended on it. IU was so so SO GOOD! I was pleasantly surprised by her dynamic acting. I'd only seen her in Bel Ami and it wasn't really a.. stellar show to say the least, but she gave such a brilliant portrayal of an amazingly strong character. I'd say nice things about all the cast and end up writing a 10 page review, so I'll just sum it up by saying that except maybe a little overacting on the part of a few people who were playing the roles of pedestrians on the streets, remarkable acting on everyone's part! (I hope you got that joke :3 ) I'm currently listening to at least 4 of the OSTs on loop since the last few hours. Hauntingly beautiful pieces were created for this drama I must say. A couple of them raised goosebumps on my arm. Even if you don't feel like watching this show (although you must!), you should definitely listen to the soundtracks, they're that good. I would start re-watching this right this instant, but I won't. Solely because I am now waiting for a second season to this drama. I really really hope they make one. I'd read the reviews and comments while watching it and people were really sad in general. They kept saying how this was such a sad drama and a tragedy. It was, but it was also breathtakingly beautiful. I'm tearing up just remembering it. The love between the characters, be it Wang So and Hae Soo, or the brothers (the ones who got along anyway), or the families, was heart-wrenching. I'm definitely rewatching this show even if the second season doesn't come out (but please SBS make the second season! *kneels and begs*). I have been shaken up by this show in a hundred ways. I love it when a drama I don't expect to be good turns out to be one of the best shows I have seen in my life. It was so human, so real. All the people in it were human, they made mistakes, they had flaws, they loved, they hated, they were weak, but they were also really strong. I'd recommend this drama to everyone, regardless of your favorite genre. It deserves to be seen. You might not like it (I bet you will though), but you won't be able to forget it.
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