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My body is in Germany :)


My body is in Germany :)

My profile is designed for dark mode.

Hello you and welcome to my profile.♥

I don't tolarate any kind of hate regarding skincolor, sexuality or religion!

So here is my introduction I guess. :>

♥ me ♥

Sophie (she/they) -  21 years old, bisexual, german potato.
english is my second language; therefore my grammar may not be always correct. :)

if you need help with german homework - hit me up lul 

I love shows/movies in general, although I now mainly watch asian dramas and BLs.
 I love playing video games (click for steam).
I also love to read. 

Yes - KPop did in fact manage to pull me.  Apart from watching dramas it's now my only personality trait

My memory is the absolutely worst. From names to birthdays or legit anything...I'll probably forget it.

 First drama (tap) -   March 30th 2019
aktive watcher - July 2019

I love organizing things and DOING LISTS FOR EVERYTHING!

I love everything that glitters.

I'm obsessed with everything regarding the sky/stars/galaxy/moon.

Also RAIN >>>

♥words that I love♥

for absolutly no reason at all

serotonin - ,,calming chemical'' natural mood stabilizer.

sonder - the realization that everyone you see, everyone who passes you by has their own complex life. each random passerby is living a life as livid and complex as your own.

pluviophile - a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and piece of mind during rainy days.

ethereal - extremely delicate light, not of this world.

aurora - dawn.

♥ dramas ♥

the ones that will always have a special place in my heart

Until We Meet Again


romance, soulmate/destiny, fantasy, LGBTQ+, hate to love, hidden identity

happy ending, nice male lead, strong female lead


abuse, rape, sad ending, super weak/rude leads

always open for recomendations.♥

♥My Rating♥
I rate it according to my level of enjoyment/how much I like it - rather that how good the story was in general

10 ~ either really, really good or I had some kind of connection to it

9.5-9 ~ almost made it, still love it!

8.5-8 ~ still pretty good, great story

7.5-6 ~'s okay

5.5-5 ~ I finished it

below 5 ~ not my cup of tea 

I should rethink some of my ratings tho...

♥my favorite people♥

(click for their page)

Lee Jong-Suk
(is and will always be my number one)

Kim Young Dae


I'll try to keep it updated
(click to listen)

I think that's everything for now.

Thanks for reading all this! 

Have a wonderful day/night!♥

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