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Hi! My name's Stephanie and I guess a short introduction is necessary to become friends with people who have the same drama tastes as me :3

My first drama was "Let's Go to The Beach!" and I loved it but I haven't watched it since!

I watched dramas every now and then but once I found a website that released airing drama and most dramas, I ended up watching more and more and now I enjoy weekly shows just like everyone else. So drama is a constant thing in my life.

My favorite types of Drama are probably High School drama (School 2013 is 100% my favorite) and Family Drama with Romance like "Her Legend", "You are my Destiny" and "The Best Lee Soon Shin", I didn't notice but I love the whole "Rich mother tries to find her lost daughter but other non biological daughter hates her and tries to stop them meeting"! Something that I only realized recently as well was that I absolutely love Crime Dramas but only if they're more serious like "TEN", not like Japanese ones which are more commonly comedy, it seems like there's not enough crime dramas that I could watch :(

My favorite types of movies are Korean Thrillers, I love Japanese Horror and it used to be my favorite genre of movie but there's something about Korean Thrillers like "Blind" that I just love.


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