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Paul C. Harper Jr. Island


Paul C. Harper Jr. Island

Ian Style!


Me, @femmedesneiges

Full-time Japanese drama watcher (J-drama and I are currently living separately). Occasional other countries drama watcher. Learner of Japanese. Beginning learner of Chinese. Eighter and Johnny's fan; I like the odd ones and the ones that talk a lot. (Talk to me about Johnny's and I'll love you forever.) 

Please~!!! send me a message when sending me a friend request. I am active on the feeds. I post almost exclusively to the friends feed (not public).

~ FEEDS CONTENT WARNING ~ : Bad language, BL novels/manga, British politics, BBC News, RL ranting, not-so-serious hating on K-dramas, totally serious hating on Fukushi Sota, mood-dependent screencap spam, non-drama-related Johnny's screencaps... and kawaii ossans?



My Drama Taste

My ticket to dramaland (Japanland?) was 1 Litre of Tears via Nishikido Ryo's face. That was a while ago... Hm. Anyway... I have good taste in dramas! You can trust me with your drama-loving life! Probably! I do like depressing dramas, in which big questions are asked whilst people cry and die all over the place. I like a good mystery/suspense, and anything to do with politics. I also love comedy, but most comedy in drama is not to my taste. (I'm British, so... draw your own conclusions about that.) On the whole I don't like romance (there are exceptions), and I despise the romantic comedy genre along with all of its cliches. 

This is what most K-dramas look like through my eyes... (It's clickable.) I have a complex relationship with K-dramaland, so please bear that in mind if you want to friend me.

Flower Pot Men


My Ratings

5 is a good rating! 5 means I liked it! 4-4.5 is neutral. Anything lower means it was crap. An extra .5 means either I was torn between two ratings, or the drama had something that pulled up my enjoyment level without affecting its overall quality. Nothing on my dropped list is actually dropped. I delete everything I have no intention of completing.


My Favourites

My favourite dramas lists will always be public and featured on my profile at the side there. If you love what I love, let's fangirl together!

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Akuma no You na Aitsu

* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

These are the ending comments I've made on almost everything I've watched over the past two years. They're mostly friends-only by default. I'm still in the process of collecting the older posts due to the MDL update. I won't give up! The linked/re-linked ones from 2016/17 are in italics.

MDL Resolutions 2018:



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(Below: my Japanese books. Never up to date.)



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