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Paul C. Harper Jr. Island


Paul C. Harper Jr. Island

Ian Style!


SEND A MESSAGE WHEN SENDING ME A FRIEND REQUEST. I like making friends but not out of nowhere. I'm active on the feeds. I post almost exclusively to my friends feed.

FEEDS CONTENT WARNING: Bad language, hating on K-dramas, mood-dependent screencap spam, British dramas, British politics, BBC News, RL ranting, Johnny's, BL.

I DON'T LIKE K-DRAMAS. I watch them to take the piss and complain. There's more to my viewing habits than that, but if it bothers you I wouldn't bother with me.

RATINGS: 5 is a good rating! 1-3 = negative. 4 = neutral. 5-7 = lower positive. 8-10 = upper positive. I aim to rate ~objectively~. Dramas I love might get 6. Dramas I like might get 3. Dramas I don't like can get 8.

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Ending posts I've made on almost everything I've watched over the past few years. Mostly friends-only by default.

MDL Resolutions 2019:


MDL Resolutions 2018:

I'm still in the process of collecting the older posts due to the big MDL update. The linked/re-linked ones from 2016/17 are in italics.

MDL Resolutions 2017:

MDL Resolutions 2016:



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