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That Fool korean drama review
That Fool
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by Susu
May 10, 2011
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
I absolutely loved this drama! It was heart-warming, cute and entertaining. I admit that a fake marriage isn't the most original storyline ever but that isn't important when we are talking about a romantic comedy. We know more or less how the plot is going to develop and what the outcome will be. What makes these dramas interesting is the interactions between characters. If the characters are likeable and there's chemistry between them, the drama is enjoyable. And in this case, the main characters are excellent.

Hwang Jeong Min is an amazing actor who portraits Dong Baek as so good, honorable, and kind-hearted man that you just have to love him. Even though Dong Baek is a little simple and sometimes easily manipulated by others, he isn't a pathetic fool. I really admired his positive life philosophy: find reasons to smile and laugh even when bad things happen. More cynical person might find it annoying, I certainly didn't.

The first impression of the beautiful actress Ji Soo (Kim Ah Joong) is that she's a distant star but as the drama goes on she turns out to be a sweet and quite ordinary girl who isn't flawless either - and that's what makes her so charming and deserving of Dong Baek's love. I really liked how the main couple's relationship develops in a believable way despite the fact they seem quite mismatched at first glance.

A special mention goes to Sang Chul (Baek Sung Hyun), Ji Soo's little brother. Together with Dong Baek's little sister Min Ji (Lee Chung Ah) he adds some really adorable comedy elements to the drama when meddling in the main couple's relationship as a protective little brother. The interactions between these four characters offer some of the drama's best moments.

The plot is fine and the drama goes forward with good pace. There isn't too much angst or melodrama which I personally don't like that much. However, I came to almost despise Kang Mo and his slick smiles.

Music got only 6 because it wasn't that great and there were even some songs that annoyed me a bit. If the drama had a better soundtrack, it would be even more amazing.

I gave this drama overall 10 because I loved it so much; it was exactly the kind of drama I enjoy to watch. If you are searching for a drama that makes you laugh, shed a few tears and feel good and happy after watching it, I warmly recommend trying this one. You might even learn something from Goo Dong Baek! :)
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