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Hi I'm Undercoverpanda82, but you may call me Hana :))

A short list of things I love:

  • - My boyfriend
  • - Korean drama's
  • - Korean movies
  • - Korean language
  • - Korean people
  • - Korea
  • - (Korean) food
  • - Patbingsoo
  • - Coffee
  • - Coffee patbingsoo
  • - My mom's lasagna

I was born in 1993 (which makes me 23 this year) and did I say I study Korean? Well, I study Korean. In the summer of 2014 I studied at Sungkyunkwan University for a month, which was amazing. It overexceeded my expectations and made me love Korea and Korean culture even more than I already did. My mom might regret letting me go hahaha.

My favourate actors change everytime I watch new drama's haha. Right now I'm very into Park Seojoon (Witch's Romance, She Was Pretty) and Lee Jong Suk... Wait I'm always into Lee Jong Suk haha. And Kim Woobin lol. And now that I'm watching Moonlight drawn by clouds I just cannot get over how handsome Park Bo Gum is. I swear a smile like his should be illegal.

All time favourite kpop groups/singers:

  • - Infinite (Dongwoo is my favourite for those who wanted to know)
  • - DB5K (Jaejoong you talented human being)
  • - Jaejoong Yoochun and Junsu were actually my favs and now they're JYJ which is sad but not sad (you know double feeling and stuff...) So JYJ is very precious to me <3
  • - Bigbang, my first *blinks away tear* ohh the precious memories (T.O.P first ever bias)

These are my fav, but not my only ones. Not very familiar with all the new groups. I like the hip-hop and indie ones though :)

All time favourite not-so-kpoppy groups/singers:

  • - Swings (oooh I love this guy his voice his raps his lyrics really the best nyam)
  • - Crucial Star (I consider him not-so-kpoppy ok, he's a bit like swings but softer)
  • - Giriboy (ok mostly his songs featuring swings lol)
  • - Loco (I think he's new... but I love 감아 ft Crush)
  • - Crush (I think he speaks for himself)
  • - Nell
  • - Urban Zakapa
  • - Zion.T
  • - 4Men
  • - Park Hyo Shin (If you don't know him go listen now go go go!!!)
  • - Hyukoh

There's a tip of the Hana-iceberg for you!

안녕하세요~! 저는 하나예요.

네덜란드에서 있는 라이던대학에서 한국학과를 전공했어요.

한국어를 말할 수 있으면 저한테 한국말로 얘기해주세요!

만나서 반갑습니다~!


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