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Bad Guys
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by Zoe
Sep 13, 2017
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
The show has a nice set up. It’s way too violent for me so lots of skips. Towards the end it gets a bit silly and repetitive and I didn’t like the fighting between the men. You wouldn’t think that a story like this would be heart warming. But it is as its base because selfish, and cold people start caring about others and I think that’s rather awesome. They lay down their pride, their ambition, their lives, for the greater good. It’s also nice to see some helpful people that they meet along the way. But it’s a bit weird that they try and be moralistic to their old colleagues about living a better life. There is also this contrast, that these criminals learned so quickly to become good people, given the right support and context and then there were the corrupt authorities messing things up. Another thing I liked was how when it was a personal moment for anyone of them, they all looked a little flat and sort of unable to deal with it because they aren’t into emotions haha. It’s nice when a rag tag bunch get together and learn to get along. There’s a lot of ego and they try and see who can be the most sinister. But it gets old fast. Basically, they’ve all been through a lot and each one thinks he’s the biggest baddest wolf in the room. Every little attempt at getting along made me smile. It was amazing actually to see how they stopped fighting amongst each other and began to look out for one another. There are gangsta politics but there was a nice spin to it. And some surprise loyalties and disloyalties as they explore the hyeong and dongsaeng relationships within the hierarchy of the underworld. Gu Tak Our Squad Leader Oh is a surprisingly moralistic guy considering the darkness he portrays. He is also very compassionate and sees the heart and the pain of these hardened guys. I never care much for characters who are already dead, but his flashbacks with his daughter were so sweet and painful. Jeong Mun This guy always has his hair in his face. In a way he is the most pathetic out of all of them. The other guys get friendly pretty soon but he’s a hard egg to crack. He’s the psycho pet at the youngest, quietest and most reserved. He’s very nonchalant. Nothing ruffles his feather. He always walks. Tae Su – contract killer I loved this character the best. He just gets better and better as the show goes on and the actor is amazing the way he portrays everything so beautifully. He had the best arc and he was always a winner despite the crap things he did and the tragedy that hit him. I like the dignity of this character. He’s very polished and civilised. He is indeed like a wolf. I don’t know if he got in touch with humanity, or he was always quietly human as a contract killer. “You might be an ass, but your brain works pretty well.” “We’ll have to find him so he can explain it, right?” “That’s enough. Should I lose my temper too? Who do you think I’d kill first?” “Don’t always choose death. First find a way to stay alive.” “Once we’ve found how to stay alive and have uncovered the truth, there will be plenty of time left to kill each other.”
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