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The Netherlands


The Netherlands

Hi and welcome,

About me:
How I fell in the wonderful world of drama I don't actually recall. I don't remember my first drama. I just know I've been watching Asian movies and anime for more than 20 years and somewhere drama's were added to that.
Movies, books and music are the loves of my life, together with my two Sphynx cats;) Like my drama's I'm not picky with genres, but of course I have preferences. Metal and rock my nostalgic preference and classical my go to music atm, Asian music  I listen to as well, but I don't keep up with all the new bands. Mostly I still listen to Japanese rock and some KPop (TVXQ,  Big Bang, F.T. Island ,Block-B ) Horror movies, my comfort preference. As for books I usually read two at the time my guilty-pleasure-book (which is probably some paranormal or historical romance),  and something thing to make me think.  

I'm 36 which is a tad older then average MDLer but not nearly old enough to stop watching the great  and sometimes not so great Asian movies and drama's. I think It's great how people on MDL can share their love for drama's and contribute in all kind of ways. I love great recommendations and reviews (thank you people) based on atmosphere, acting skills or theme.

I'm not very active or outgoing on the feeds of forums. I guess these last years I've become less talkative on the net. ;) But  I am around  and I do like to talk one on one.

About my taste and rating

I would like to say I rate my drama's based on technicalities like good acting, a plot without holes, original story etc. The truth however is that I can be tremendously forgiving if a drama or movie gets to me one way or the other. As  long as I'm emotionally invested I can forgive a lot. Killing off characters, annoying second leads or Taiwanese mothers. LOL The other side of the coin is that I can be completely turned off by one character or plot turn. Bottom line is I like to be moved by a movie or drama.

  • I love a intense romance, suspense, action, melodrama or basically any genre with chemistry between the characters and engaging story   
  •  I like mature and or layered themes in movies or drama's
  •  have a weak spot for horror and thriller movies
  • I hate USELESS melodrama. I don't mind melodrama, in fact I love a good cry, but it's a huge turnoff when the obstacles in the drama or choices the characters make are just for the sake of creating drama and thus not logical in terms of the story of char background.
  • I love real acting
  • I sometimes drop drama's, but not always because they are bad. I feel it's a shame to keep watching something that doesn't fit my current mood. Usually I pick them up later.
  • I'm allergic to most comedy. I rarely like a strictly comedy (or worse rom/com) movie and get put off by comedy in drama's if not done well. I do however love black humor,  gory comedy or drama's and movies with a wink or over the top Japanese silliness LOL. I hope you know what I mean.
  • I hate drama's which take the moral high ground too much. I know there's a message in most movies and drama's I just don't want the writers to slap it I my face every episode or dialog.
  • I use the whole rating scale. A 6 means it's a oke movie or drama and I could recommend it if it's your taste but it is lacking in some aspect. The 7's 8's and 9's suits my taste better and was a good/great/almost perfect watch for me. 10 suits my taste, moved me and is 'perfect' in my biased eyes. ;)  A 4 to 5 doesn't mean the movie or drama was total crap. It just means it isn't my taste and plot, directing and or acting had flaws imho. 1 to 3, well I didn't have fun plus maybe it's crap. LOL
  • I'm fickle minded. I can change my ratings from time to time either after a rewatch or rethink. Also I tend to re-rate once in a while and if a drama or movie didn't stick with me it might drop further down the rating scale. It's also a way for me to remember how good the movie or drama was for me and keep the really good ones that stay in my mind longer rated higher.
  • I'm not too hung up on happy endings. I will be shocked and sad at that moment when watching a char die/leave but the ending will be stored in my memory as good when I feel it fits the story-line. On the other hand if it doesn't fit the story it can ruin the drama. This happens often when the writers feel the need to separate the happy couple the last few episodes to add in some unnecessary angst. Of course from time to time I do like to watch a drama or movie with a happy end.
  • Finally all the above might not apply when a drama or movie makes me turn a blind eye for all it's faults because it affected me emotionally. :P


Thank you for stopping by and have fun with the next episode!


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