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Looking at my drama list, clearly its not difficult to see that I love watching dramas! I've seen my fair share of Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas. My preference is definitely romantic dramas, especially romcoms, maybe I'm living vicariously through the characters. But I also do enjoy the action, crime, law, medical, and sci-fi/fantasy elements (yeah yeah I know, that's basically anything and everything). Like I said...I love dramas. If there's anything I haven't watched yet and you would recommend, please let me know!

To further certify my hermit status, I also do watch other things other than dramas...aka variety shows! Definitely seen a ton of those...I follow some on a week to week basis, and others I watch depending on the guests or the theme of the episode. I must say in variety-land I am an avid fan of Yoo Jae Suk <3 and the old 1N2D gang...and let's not forget evil genius Na PD =] 

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