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Jul 18, 2013

Things I've learned

As an avid pupil of whatever might turn useful in my life, I have once again learned a few valuable lessons from this lovely episode:

1. Never trust a hot kid when he says he can't read your mind. He usually can.

2. Because of the above, never think when he's around. Go "la la la la, frts gòosahf nuocw" in your mind. "Kim su an mu, gobuki wa turumi etc" may do too.

3. When glimpsing a cockroach, jump on the guy's back. Even if you just imagined the bug, jump anyway, but keep in mind he's 187 cm.

4. Always have a pen mark on your face. If you can't get one unconsciously, fish out a pocket mirror and draw.

5. Never put a ventilator under your feet when wearing a judge robe. :P

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Jul 29, 2012

Two generations on the watch

I hope I'll be forgiven for the... unusual style of my episode reviews. Here's the thing: I am rewatching SG with my mother.

Rating and commentaries are going to be a summary of our weekly watch, the veteran of SG who basically knows the script by heart and an almost total newbie - my mom - who's at her second asian drama experience.

Opening scene: the garden.

mom: "wow! I think I'll like this thing for the scenery alone!"

me (thinking): wait until you see Binnie... :P

Joo Won comes down the stairs

mom: "............................. Rita, please tell me THIS man is going to be the main character"

me: "shall I remind you you are still harbouring a crush on Lee Seung Gi?"

mom: "what, are you telling me we need to be monogamist in our dreams too?"

me: "of course not, mom. Enjoy Joo Won"

Bridget Jones once said: never contradict your mother. She's right even when she's wrong.

At the end of the episode I watched her with the corner of my eye, fearing she would say something like: hmm, weird stuff. But no! She was enthusiastic. "Do you think we could double our weekly rendez-vous? I'm so going to like this!"


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May 6, 2012

You go girl!!

Finally, a female lead to my liking. She doesn't just sit quietly whining about her misfortunes: she takes the initiative. Well done, Hee Jin!

Her poor manager will have a hard time from now on. Not only her protegee has publicly declared she has a bf, but this bf happens to be a little older than his looks suggest. lol

The confrontation between Boong Do and Jo was hilarious. She questions him about his background, education, family and he doesn't even need to lie!! Haha

I love the juxtaposition of past and present as it is presented here. When a scene in the present is interrupted by one in the past, it looks like they are happening at the same time: while Doong Gu walks on modern Jeju, the guards look for him in the same place.

It's as though past and present were both existing at the same time, as if they were separated by space, rather than time.

Which obviously raises the most classic of questions: since Boong Do didn't die as he was supposed to, is the future going to be changed forever?

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May 5, 2012

Clever man

Nothing is sexier than a smart man.

He observes, ponders and draws conclusions. While he hasn't got the logical answers to the question as to why is he travelling in time, he has already figured out the how and makes the best out of the situation.

I like his sober ways and his non-silly honesty, which makes a great contrast - and match - to our sassy heroine, not to mention that it offers a quiet and subtle sort of humour I definitely like.

I'm bought.
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May 23, 2012

I'm on strike

This is my little - and useless - protest for the loss of one of the most endearing characters ever written. The 1 rate is black, did you know it?

Oh, the episode was brilliant as usual, spectacular acting, editing, dialogues, photography... everything.

But I'm in mourning right now, so I'm in no mood for technicalities.

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Apr 27, 2012

Wonder HangAh to the rescue

High five to Hang Ah and her rescue team! I love her as a soldier and I was thrilled to see her in action - although I think the whole kidnapping and rescuing scene was funny, more than dramatic. I guess we needed this too, after all the heartbreak of the last 5 episodes.

I am happy they haven't forgotten the other WOC members: the appearance of Young Bae as the marksman is brief, but I was so happy to see him again!

So now we have a king and future queen who look a lot like accomplices in crime... the Korean Mr and Mrs Smith? Their reunion was very sweet and I love how natural they look together, like two lovers who are friends as well. (Can we have a little more of the lovers aspect soon, please?)

I'm also very happy they got rid of the evil general right away, it would have complicated things unnecessarily when we already have one villain who sums the perversity - and the ridicule - of a 100.

Overall, this episode made me regain a little of the composure I had completely lost with the previous ones. I breath normally now... almost. :)

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Apr 14, 2012

the one million dollar question

I need to know: did they sleep together, or did they SLEEP together?

Shallow, am I not? But as superficial as I can be, I can't get rid of the thought that there must be a reason why they decided to remain vague about the matter. I understand the whole scene - brilliantly acted by Ha Ji Won, I may add - aims at showing the new king finally giving in to grief. I loved it and was expecting it to happen in her arms: where else?

But why cut to the next morning? Not to distract us from the real problem at hand? To enhance our imagination? I hope not: mine is already running wild, picturing how that darn shirt of his was taken off...

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May 24, 2012

best show to relieve your sufferings

One must love a heroine who uses her brain. I was overjoyed when Hee Jin puts two and two together and sees through her manager's deception about her having spoken to Boong Du - hence proving he exists and is not a figment of her labile mind.

This is not a drama that gives us lies we as viewers know from the beginning and than drags them for centuries to the point of unbearable frustration. It opens up a door, crosses it, deals with the problem at hand. Always in a hilarious, witty and refreshing way.

Loved the trapped in the shower parallel and the fact that Boong Do's the one who sees the irony of it, while the foolish guys stays... foolishly in the dark (well, in the shower...). LOL

And one must love a hero who, besides being clever, is chivalrous too. He does not intervene in Hee Jin's and Dong Min's confrontation until this last becomes rude. This is not simple jealousy, it's a principle: don't treat women that way!

Boong Do, you have my respect and loyalty.

Last but not least, this drama's offering us a very healthy dose of good kisses. Who's not rejoicing in this, raise a foot.


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Aug 1, 2012

that man

The most hilarious part of my mom and I conversing about SG after each episode - or during it, which compels me to stop the video every 5 minutes - is that she can't remember one single name.

Her commentaries go more or less like this: so, basically the very rich, good-looking guy is jealous of his cousin the singer because the pretty stuntwoman is a crazy fan of him?

Or: I can already imagine that woman who had a story with the singer is here to get revenge, somehow, and this is why she chases the other one... the one I like but is always sarcastic with her.

- "Mom, I beg of you. The male lead is Joo Won, the female RaIm and the singer is Oska. The dark lady is Seul"

- "Ah, yes, you told me. What, Seul like the city?"

- "Well, it sounds like it, but there's a vowel less."

- "How do you know, since everything is translitterated from korean?"

- "It's a convention. Seoul is the city and Seul the woman."

- "I see. I'll remember this one, thanks to the city."

10 minutes afterwards she's back to "the dark lady who wants revenge from the singer". :P

She loved this episode, and I with her. Whether it is a generation thing or simply a personal stance of her, she never complains about Joo Won acting like a stalker. She's fascinated by the idea of his obsession, which he himself is incapable of understanding.

I have a special weekness for the bag scene, because it encapsules all his doubts and his prejudices in one, brief moment.

Needless to say, when my mom called Joo Won "that man" I couldn't contain myself anymore and burst out laughing like a possessed. My mother, the prophetess.

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May 17, 2012

first exultation, then heartbreak

God, that slimy, disgusting megalomaniac is destroying the lives of so many people, he truly wants to annihilate a whole family. Here is a villain for whom no redemption is possible, neither in this life, nor in the next.

The beginning of the episode is exhilarating, with Hang A being her awesome self - I love this woman, can I marry her? Wait, she's already engaged. And to a man I'm in love with too. Darn good actors, they are causing me an identity crisis.

It was so obvious she would send a message to Jae Ha, but Bung Go's too full of himself to recognize the value of his opponents. I love that they played on his megalomania to come out of his claws, because that's the only possible way with such a man.

The Queen mother is wonderful, I have no other way to describe her.

And then we come to Shi Kyung and Jae Shin. Heartbreaking, literally. It's great that this drama can make me fully invested in one couple and at the same time in another. I love this aspect of K2H: it's the fate of all these characters I'm anxious for, not only how a love story will end.

Jae Shin's cries of desperation are one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever watched. What she went through isn't only scary, it's excruciatingly cruel. No wonder her brain removed the memory.

Jae Ha talking to his mother in the end filled my heart with pride. Please, kill that bastard!!!

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Jul 29, 2012

kim su-han-mu guh-bu-ki-wa du-ru-mi...

I am particularly fond of this episode for the first, gorgeous scenes of Joo Won imagining Ra Im at his side at every waking hour - and sleeping one too, I guess.

My mom is already fascinated by his character. I can't really blame her, there's something about an obnoxious anti-hero who says whatever comes to his mind without filtering it through civility, respect or social codes which can either deter you completely or intrigue you to the point of no return.

Joo Won to Oska: "Hyeong, does your head exist to make you look taller?"

Joo Won to Seul: "Although you don't strike me as very intelligent, you should know that if a man tells you he fell in love with you at first sight, he just wants to take you to bed without wasting much time."

Mom: "hahahahaha, this man is hilarious! Why did you tell me he was such a jerk? I mean, he's arrogant, but what he says is seldom wrong in itself."

me: "please, trust me. He IS a jerk. Don't cut him any slack or he's going to run you over with his shiny car - and tracksuit"

mom: "all right, all right. But Ra Im stands up to him. Good girl. If she were the timid, submissive type there would be no romance at all."

I must say it (and boast a little): my mom has the knack of getting to the core of the matter. :D

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Apr 12, 2012

Breath stopping

No spoiler had prepared me to the beautiful execution of this episode. The sweetness of the king and queen's last moments, their quiet falling asleep was 100 times more poignant than any burst of violence could have been.

And the undertone of the whole last minutes, the brilliant acting paired with the wonderful music really made me cry.

Falling in love with a drama can be almost painful.
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Jul 6, 2012

Not getting Married!

As much as I don't want Ji An to marry the doctor, I must say his sticking a sign on his back stating "not getting married" was pure genius! Hahahahaha

Most people involved in Ji An's pregnancy are coming to terms with it, which I think it's the right time too: her parents are a lot more bearable when they show a little sense. Now it's Tae Kang's father turn: what would he say if he knew he's the biological grandfather of that baby? Would he still insist his son goes to the USA?

I love how sensitive subjects are treated here: presenting different views and then coming to the most sensible conclusion. A single parent is not only a present reality in every country, but it's also something to be respected and, in many cases, admired. Would it be better, or morally more acceptable, if a person decided to marry just to avoid complications?

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Feb 25, 2016

great start but a big NO to the music

The show has a great start... actually, a grand one. Stunning cinematography and photograph and beautiful introduction of the main characters. Loved the first 10 minutes of combat - you must love war scenarios to appreciate this, but then this is a war drama, no surprise here. There's also some humour, which I found well placed and engaging.

However, the music is annoyingly overpowering. Pieces are played too much, too loud, too often. I truly hope they are going to tune that aspect down, because music is paramount to enhance feelings. If it is played every 2 seconds it totally loses its impact. Harrowing love songs shouldn't be played when two people have just met 5 seconds before: what are they going to use when they truly fall in love, Beethoven 5th symphony? When the plot uses all its ammunition in the first episodes, it's likely to suffer later on; the same principle should apply to music.

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Aug 13, 2012

The perfect blend of laughter and angst

I have skipped the last two episode reviews because there isn't much to say in between a LOL and a LMAO. Even after having watched it half a dozen times, Joo Won/Im spying on Ra Im/Won with a wig cracks me up.

So here I jump to them going back into their rightful bodies.

My mom is an inexhaustible source of surprise for me. Even after deciding to show her this drama, I feared she wouldn't like it - not the way I do, at least. I thought the fantasy aspect would throw her off, and that she would find the whole story too weird for her taste.

I was wrong. She doesn't like this, she loves it. Every time JW and RI have a sweet moment together, she sighs. "How beautiful they are!", she declared at them hugging for the first time, or when they sit by the open air bbq and he tells her he would have paid more, had he known his money would help raising Ra Im.

She skips a lot of details of the script, whether because it's at times too fast or because she's focusing on the actor's expressions, but she is very attentive to the development of their love story. "This is the first time they hug, isn't it? I find it wonderful that Asians still put so much meaning into a hug. It can be more intimate than any kiss."

A hugs-lover myself, I could only agree.

The second surprise came after they quarrel. One of my favourite scenes is Ra Im telling him "the mermaid loved that man" and walking off. My mom's comment was: "wow, that was really mean." While I've always thought it was a well delivered blow, I never once thought RaIm was mean. Clearly my mom has fallen for Binnie's charm, it must be in our DNA. Or she is right, and I was too preoccupied identifying with RaIm to actually consider Joo Won's feelings.

Watching with someone else is like having the privilege of a wider view.

She declared Tae Sung very cute. I stared at her with my mouth open. Where have all the mothers gone who say: "he's too skinny and pale, let him eat something!"? But no, she wouldn't mind at all if Oska decided he's gay after all, left Seul be and run away with Tae Sung to set up an emo music band.

Ah, the tracksuits! After finding out that the shiny blue one is fit for a paradise night club, one would imagine Joo Won giving up on Italian and French artisans who sew every spangle by hand. But no! The time is ripe for a violet roses pattern.


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