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Hello and welcome to my profile ^-^!


An apology in advance cause sometimes it takes me forever to answer (everyone who knows me probably already noticed that). But it's always nice to meet fellow drama addicts, so feel free to leave me a message or anything :).

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♣About my Drama-Rating-System:
Generally, it only represents how much I enjoyed watching the drama/movie. Mostly it's not about quality, technical stuff or how realistic the story was or whatever. Just how much fun I had while watching, how much of an impact it had on me, how much the characters grew on me, or other little details :). If I like something I can be pretty forgiving, if I'm annoyed by something I can be pretty harsh. So it’s better to ask why a show got a certain rating instead of just picking my highest rated shows as recommendations :).

Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (2005), Doctor's Diary, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Monk, Miranda



Probably my biggest love. I listen to a lot of different music styles, from rock to classic, so it's kinda hard to list them all. Anyway, my 3 fav bands are Within Temptation, Muse and CN Blue. And I'm always glad to get recommendations :).

'Currently endlessly listening to' songs:

'So Sud So Say' - Keng Tachaya (Sotus The Series OST)

'My Love Will Never Die' - Claire Wyndham & AG (Lucifer Soundtrack)

'We Come Together' - Regina Price (Lucifer Soundtrack)

Hallelujah' - FVR DRMS (Lucifer Soundtrack)

'Wonderwall' - Lucifer cover, Maze

'World On Fire' - Klergy (Lucifer Soundtrack) spoiler 4x03

'Unstoppable' - Sia

'I Will Survive' - Lucifer cover

'Unforgiven' - Lucifer piano cover

'In The Shadows' - Amy Stroup (Lucifer Soundtrack)

'Epic' - Becca Kötte (Lucifer Soundtrack)

'All The Rowboats' - Regina Spektor

'The Trapeze Swinger' - Iron & Wine [Acoustic live version)

'Two Straight Lines' - Walking On Cars

'Monster' - Walking On Cars

'Frische Luft' - Wincent Weiss

'Wi Ing Wi Ing' - Hyukoh

'Gondry' - Hyukoh (live, remix version)

'Citizen Kane' - Hyukoh

'Tokyo Inn' - Hyukoh

'There Were None' - Misty OST (instrumental)

'Misty' - Misty OST (instrumental)

'Lost' - An Ji Yeon (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes OST)

'Tomboy' - Hyukoh

'Reserved Seat' - Hyukoh

'Zina' - Babylone

'Marz' - The Yellow Diary

'Nothing To Worry' - 1415 (Where Stars Land OST)

'Mystic World' - O.When (Where Stars Land OST)

'Somewhere' - O3ohn (The Guest OST)

'Rearrange' - Ella Vos

'Personne Ne M'Entend' - Sarah Slean

'Snail' - Panic (Prison Playbook)

'Attraction' - Tearliner ft. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap OST)

Loving Running Man ♥:



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