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Hello and welcome to my profile ^-^!


An apology in advance cause sometimes it takes me forever to answer (everyone who knows me probably already noticed that). But it's always nice to meet fellow drama addicts, so feel free to leave me a message or anything :).

My Fav Dramas

My Fav Movies

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♣About my Drama-Rating-System:
Generally, it only represents how much I enjoyed watching the drama/movie. Mostly it's not about quality, technical stuff or how realistic the story was or whatever. Just how much fun I had while watching, how much of an impact it had on me, how much the characters grew on me, or other little details :). If I like something I can be pretty forgiving, if I'm annoyed by something I can be pretty harsh. So it’s better to ask why a show got a certain rating instead of just picking my highest rated shows as recommendations :).

Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (2005), Doctor's Diary, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Monk, Miranda



Probably my biggest love. I listen to a lot of different music styles, from rock to classic, so it's kinda hard to list them all. Anyway, my 3 fav bands are Within Temptation, Muse and CN Blue. And I'm always glad to get recommendations :).

'Currently endlessly listening to' songs:

'No Way' - Ali

'This Life' - Moon Sung Nam (Because This Is My First Life OST)

'Shelter' - Hee Jin ft. Lee Yo Han (Because This Is My First Life OST)

'Drawing A Star' - Uji (Because This Is My First Life OST)

'Live To Die Another Day' - Miyavi (Blade of the Immortal OST)

'Lost On You' - LP

'Opera 2' - Dimash

'Dancing In The Moonlight' - alt-J

'Lonely Footsteps (Main Title)' - Yoshimata Ryo (Iljimae OST) - instrumental

'Will Be Back' - Im Sun Hae (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OST)

'My Precious' - Ernest (Mary Stayed Out All Night OST)

'Go Go' - BTS

'Attraction' - Tearliner ft. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap OST)

Loving Running Man ♥:



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