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Hello, my name is Melanie and welcome to my drama list!
Send me a friendship request if you want and recommend me some dramas / movies  too if you want because I'm up for some new content!

How do I score my watchlist?

10 - 9.5 Masterpiece

9.0 - 8.0 Really good but it could've been better better

7.5 - 6.5 Meh

6.5 - 0 I don't remember anything / I barely stayed concentrated

Why do I have so many shows dropped?

  • It's not my style
  • Not much impact which made me unconcentrated on the show
  • It got to bland, too over exaggerated
  • I watched it long time ago and I don't remember it anymore

How do I score your favorite actors?

  • Diversity of their roles (ranging from a total sweetheart to a psychopath)
  • If I got moved by their acting


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