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Nov 6, 2012


If you are one of the person that think that ep 1 and 2 of this drama are probably the episode with the most complicated plot for a murder, when you get to ep 6 you may have already partionned your mind to process the information from this drama differently. Wi Ep 6 is going to put your emotion and your rationality to the test, as the episode unfolded I personally found myself sympathizing with the killer more than the victims , then complete twist again, I started feeling that no matter what happen there's no way murder could ever be justify. And then when I was started to get comforted in that idea, I was once again swayed toward the other end. So be aware to leave all conception of truth and justice at the door when starting this episode.

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Jun 17, 2013

Ticking Bomb !!

So now that we all know where we are going, who we are going to hate and so on let just dive right in :D

* Yi Hyun & Kyung Doo meet in Jeju ( wipe the drool lol they are there for two perfect different reason.)

* Yi Hyun gets closer to her daughter,Hae Deaum( princess cuteness.)

Well that about it !!
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Jun 17, 2013

Now we can start talking :D

So by the end of episode 4 you already start to feel like slapping the main girl character in the face ( oh !! Well I guess I 'm the only one feeling that way !!) so what happened?

*Kyung Doo confronts YiHyun once more ( well the first try was such a failure anyway haha.)

* Kyun Doo is scammed again ( well why are you looking so surprised you should get the gist by now :D )

* Things goes south and East in crazyland ( Yega group household. )

Well see you in the next episode :D
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Jun 17, 2013

Still here !

So by now, you have met the main cast and the supporting cast. You are probably started to ask yourself if the the writer need some medication or not :D. So what the big thing happening here?

* Kyung Doo finds Yi Hyun and get the shocked of his life because well she doesn't remember what happened between them, including that little ball of cuteness that their daughter is ( the nerve of this woman!)...

* Well we also get Deep into the mess that the Yega family is ... ( well what do you except from crazies.)

So see you in the next episode.
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Jun 17, 2013

It just keeps getting better ...

So if you are not addicted by now well, there is not much that can be done for you! because you may need to actually face the true yes this genre is not for you... The big happening in episode 3 are mostly:

* Unable to recall past ( well she was not trying that hard) Yi Hyun returns to the Yega Group household, whose members are totally insane( my humble opinion) but they totally believe that she's putting on an act.

* Meanwhile in cuteness land Kyung Doo still continues to fervently search for his wife while delivering the cuteness acts with his Daughter ...

Keep tuning in ...
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Jun 17, 2013

Still Kicking !!

So episode 2 comes along still kicking.

*So here we learn that the plot is going to unfolds around two souls, Jung Yi Hyun(Sung Yuri,Feast of the Gods) and Hong Kyung Doo (Yoo Joon-sang,You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly), who meet (again, well they don't remember the first time they met at this point) when they’re both ready to end their lives. The meeting take place at their planned suicide location. Well that seems depressing right, but trust me here don't throw in the towel yet. Instead of offing themselves like planned these two sad souls,fall in love and build a life together, sound nice right well not so fast everything comes crumbling down when she comes down with a case of serious amnesia ( you know that disease that totally contagious,in dramaland be aware!!)forgetting all about her husband and their lovely daughter.

* Kyung Doo looks for the missing Yi Hyun.

* Meanwhile Yi Hyun tries to trace back her step and remember what she forgot....

Stay tune !!

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Jun 17, 2013

Good Start !

Well this is were we start it all. The clip version of what happened in this episode is that we meet Jun Yi Hyun and Kyung Doo and the rest of the cast. I'm just going to highlight the big moments.

* Jun Yi Hyun is a genius that tries to get her mother's money back from a scammer. Hong Kyung Doo is a idiot that also tries to get his money back from the same scammer. ( first meeting of the two leads.)

* Yi Hyun mother dies, she meets her biological father, then boom ten years later she wakes up on a sidewalk with a major memory lost.

I just have to say that it's a great way to start a drama, so you should definitely give it a go.

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