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The Netherlands


The Netherlands

I really love to watch dramas especially korean dramas. But I do watch japanese and taiwanese dramas too. I really love to sing the drama osts and k-pop.

After joining MDL, I really hope to make more friends whom are just like me, loves to watch dramas and share thoughts together.

At first i did not even know that korean drama exsisted.
Then my best friend came along (she is from Thailand) and told me about anime and i loved it.
I was only busy with anime.
Then she said that you need to watch korean drama, You're Beautiful.
At home i watced You're Beautiful and i had no words i was in love with everyone.
Then i said to my friend how amazing it was.
I looked further on my laptop and saw that there were so many korean drama's and watched A LOT.
And now months further i have watced A Lot and have nothing left only the ones that are airing on tv.
So please write me and say wicth one you like the most please write a lot thank you.
And i really really love Running man it's the best varity show ever sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

favorite kpop group: 2ne1
xxxxx dramafan1 
Love the drama fans.


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