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I often watch my dramas in very sporadic bursts, meaning that I'll watch a small handful of dramas for maybe.. a week or so, then leave for some months, come back, and do the whole thing all over again.

I'm mainly interested in j-dramas (personal preference), but I'll dabble in others eventually. (..Probably.)
I'm not too picky genre-wise, though. And I'll even watch dramas that are usually considered subpar so long as they have a few redeeming qualities.

That said, I am an opinionated bastard; anything bigoted, hateful, abusive, etc. is not gonna fly with me. And yes, I realize that Japan isn't exactly the most progressive country in terms of civil rights and all that, but I'm not going to let it slide just because it's a work of fiction.

My Ranking System (..more or less):

1 = absolute trash || 2 = horrible || 3 = really bad || 4 = bad || 5 = kinda bad

6 = eh || 7 = decent/fairly good || 8 = good || 9 = great || 10 = fantastic

Note: I occasionally hand out "10" ratings a tad liberally; I don't always consider the drama in question to be a literal masterpiece, but rather thought that it was a fairly good (or even great) drama and had no complaints about it. In those cases, I simply feel that a "9" is a bit too unfair, as the drama (imperfect
as it may be) still left me satisfied in the end.

Note #2: These days, my ADHD has gotten so bad that it makes it extremely difficult for me to concentrate on 80% of the shows I watch. Therefore, all of my recent watches (2016 and onwards) will be rated either ½ or 1 star higher than my "actual" rating in order to compensate for my heightened lack of interest. 


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