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Tim Burton, one of my favorite Hollywood directors said that, “Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.” We actually both see movies as a form of therapy. Although for me, i don't consider it as an "expensive" therapy. In fact, I see it as the most affordable form of therapy! Though, I have spent several bucks on my my collection of favorite films (back when online watching was beyond my access), it is still the most inexpensive means to heal, enlighten and make you feel good at the end of every "session".

I have often felt that my life is like that of a movie... or of a certain film. I guess many human beings might have felt the same thing sometime in their lives. I'm a sucker for feel-good movies...and a die-hard fan of romantic comedies. Lucky for me, most Asian films have just the right kind of ingredients for this genre. And so far, I think korean dramas/movies often go beyond my expectations of  good rom-comedies. Thus, the start of my addiction. I used to feel nauseous whenever a colleague or nieces profess their undying fondness for korean drama series and boy band. After watching several tear-jerking korean dramas, I definitely could say that i totally understand what they are going through (except going crazy over K boy bands, I'm quite too old for that, I guess).

Let me share with you some of my super favorite Rom-Com-Drama films. If you haven't seen some on the list,do check them out. They might give you a different perspective on love and life.

A Moment to Remember (korean)


The Teacher's Diary (Thai)

Maundy Thursday (korean)

Cyborg Girl/She (Japanese)

Under the Hawthorn Tree (Chinese)

A Werewolf Boy (Korean)

The Classic (Korean)

Amelie (French)

A Very Long Engagement (French)

The Japanese Wife (Indian)

500 Days of Summer (American)

Thanks for taking time to see what I have in here!


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