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Hey guys! I'm a wife to my handsome husband Dan, and mother to four adorable kiddos. And as exciting as that honestly is (who knew a two-year-old could eat an entire pack of gum and not barf??), I also like to make time for my hobbies like watching Kdramas and writing books.

I am a published author of two books (Lunula and Inito), and I have a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho. I like to crochet, and I'm learning to knit, but I don't wear glasses, so don't get too excited over me being a full-fledged ahjumma just yet. When I'm not busy doing any of those things, you can usually find my nose in a book.

My co-author and I wrote an awesome book called K-Love, which will be published Summer 2017. It is written in the style of Kdramas, and is about a Korean chaebol and an American girl getting all caught up in a fantastically romantic plot! You'll love it!


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