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United State of America


United State of America

Hello, i'm Jacqueline (though I should have picked out a more creative name once I saw the others).
I'm a full-time/part-time college student. Majoring in Registered Nursing, after changing it from respiratory therapist, to biotechnological to culinary. 
I watch dramas when I have the free time and I try to make a lot of free time.

I first began visiting, what I call Dramaland with, It Started With a Kiss (because I was impatient with the fan subbing of the anime). Then left the Taiwan Dramaland to Japan Dramaland, where I first took up residence for most of my High School years first with, Hana Yori Dango and got into k-dramas with, Goong but wasn't till Mary Stayed Out All Night (while it was airing) that really caught me to k-dramas.

So why do I watch dramas?  Is a FAQ from family and what is so special about them compared to American T.V. ?

So, don't get me wrong I like some of the American T.V. shows like Grimm, Once Upon A Time,  The Amazing Race.
But I like dramas because there is something special that picks up my mood and makes me happy when I come home and when I have a crappy day, I can curl up into a ball and watch my dramas.  I also like how there aren't any unnecessary episodes(most of the time) and they go fairly fast.

Favorite Couple:

Makino + Domyoji= Forever

Favorite Scene:

It Started With A Kiss

Apparently my favorites involve rain.

Favorite Kisses:

Even though not the biggest fan of the open eye kiss, I just really like this one (I actually like any that involves waist grabbing) :

Drama Female Leads Look up To: 

Why?  I look up to, Makino?  Because shes just awesome, sweet and lovable, and can make a rich guy fall in love with her, without intending to, and...well I think above tells the rest.

Xiang Qin.  Sure she's in the "F" class and other things.  But she's determined to get what she wants, she's not afraid to go up to the most handsomest, smartest , and coldest guy in school also taking time to write a heartfelt love letter and go up to him and tell him she likes him. 

Makoto Natsui

I feel her pain in not getting hired, she studies really hard and can't even get a job with her major, not even in simple businesses. I look up to her because she never quits and gets a job...even though she has to lie to get one. And though she gets discouraged almost she keeps on trying and lands a job.

So I wonder, if any of you have a character you look up to?  Or is it just me? 

Don't be scared to friend me!!!


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