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About Me

 Hi, I'm Natalia, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Venezuela.

 Asian dramas are my escape from reality, so I need a dose of them daily. Also, because of that, I don't like dramas/movies which only target is to make you feel miserable, that life is painful and the world is such a hopeless place. I mean, real life actually has it covered, I don't need to finish my day, turn up the TV and continue with the nightmare.

 I love love stories, with the awkward moments, the moment when the leads realize that they're in love with each other, and all the romance, cute speeches and kisses. I love kisses (who doesn't?), so I applaud every time they perform a real kiss, like in real life, like two adults, come on.

 I'm not afraid of any genre, I've overcome already that phase when I said "I will never watch a historical drama, so boring" or "take away that melo from me, I don't wanna cry". Fortunately, I'm not afraid of crying, as long as the drama has good acting, interesting history and please, a good message.

 When a character is a bad boy, I fall in love with him almost inmediately, 'cause I'm always waiting to see the warm heart inside and how he aproaches step by step to his loved one. (In real life, I don't like bad boys at all, because only in dramas people make a 180º change just for love)

 I love +30 actors so much more than the younger ones and I stay away from idols (there's exceptions).

 Also, I fall in love with the strong female characters, self-sufficient and the ones that don't let anybody to block her way.

P.D.: I don't watch many asian movies just because I don't know where to start, so I love to follow veterans in movies to see what they like and what can I add to my watch list.

How I rate

9 - 10: Daebak! Can I watch a little more? This touched my heart.

8 - 8.5: Very great watch. Love it but I could change some stuff here and there.

7.5: Nice, decent drama. Didn't get me hooked. Lacking in some aspects.

7.0: Not that bad. Didn't feel very interested or got bored.

6.0 - 6.5: This is bad, really bad.

5.5<: I can't believe I lost my time watching this! I could cry. I need something that returns hope to me.

Favorite Actors

- So Ji Sub

- Jang Keun Suk

- Cha Seung Won

- Jo In Sung

- Ji Chang Wook

- Joo Won

- Park Seo Joon

- Bae Su Bin

- Ji Sung

- Jang Hyuk

Favorite Actresses

- Gong Hyo Jin

- Kim Sun Ah

- Choi Soo Young

- Park Shi Yeon

- Park Min Young

Favorite Dramas

It's Okay, It's Love

Fated To Love You

The Master's Sun


You're Beautiful


Empress Ki



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