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Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to my Profile..

The statistics below may speak for itself. Yes, I am an avid fan of Asian Dramas and Movies or should I say an addicted fellow. But why am I a fan or an addict? Well, it is not only because I'm being entertained but also I am being taught. As a person who is very keen observant and sensitive, these dramas and movies (together with the animes and mangas) had served as two of my many guides in establishing my core values, my sense of morality, my sense of justice and principles in life. They also helped me understand deeply the reality especially the people: how and why people react and live the way they do.

Anyway, If you happen to drop by my drama/movie list, you may notice that I haven't given any perfect score of 10 nor scores below 5. It is because I believe that everyone has their own definition of everything. Thus, every people have their own criteria on how to define or describe anything. With regards to my criteria, per each of the categories listed here on MDL, I am sensitive to the following subject matters:

Overall - How it had been directed; Dragging scenes must be minimal and if unavoidable, it must be really needed to make a point; Appropriateness, effectiveness and timing of technical and/or visual effects as needed; Cinematography; Effective conveyance of the story by the director/s and actors.

Story - Uniqueness; All mysteries were solved and or ended creatively (not rushed); Realistic though in some cases when idealism is pursued, it must be conveyed precisely; Hidden meaning and/or figurative interpretation of reality; Story lines; Sequencing of scenes, no loose ends.

Acting/Actor - Appropriateness of the actor for the role; Convincing and precise emotions; Connectivity of the portrayal of the role to the other roles.

Music - Appropriateness and effectiveness of sound tracks and sound effects; Timing of the sound tracks and sound effects;

Rewatch Value - Meets the overall, story and acting/actor criteria; Striking.

For the dramas and movies that i have included in my list here, it may be obvious that I'm still looking for something and hence my highest score is 9. Typically, the rewatch value specifically the striking factor affects the final rate I have given for each of them.

In choosing what to watch, I oftentimes based it first on genre, then by the description/summary, and then by the cast. Sometimes, the other way around. It is rare that I choose a drama/movie based on the casts alone or genre alone. With respect to the genres, I'm open to all but my priorities are: psychological, friendship, mystery, investigative and suspense.

By the way, my all-time favorite movies are not Asian. They are both North American.

"Pay It Forward" and "The Cure"

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day guys!!!


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