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I started watching KDramas since in 2009 but i joined here in Mydramalist in 2013.

I really love KDramas that has Romance, Comedy, Makjang,& Historical. Everytime I start to watch 

an interesting drama, I wanted to immediately know how it will end. Despite having a busy day 

sometimes, I do not forget to put Kdramas on my schedule.

The first Kdrama Romance that i have ever watched was

"Stairway to Heaven" thought it was Tagalog Version when i watched it. 

Then after the Romance was my Fist Historical Drama , which was "Jewel In the Palace"

then followed by Jumong. 

Next up is my Comedy, Romance, which was also in tagalog version "Coffee Prince" 

and the time has Come......

When I got bored watching in our TV because of the PEST (commercials), so I grabbed 

my Laptop started searching in the Internet for Kdramas recommendation websites to watch.. 

Then  I found "Master's Sun"  which I almost dies because of the hilarious scenes, this Kdrama I think was the first one who received the top 1 for me the scary yet funny plot on it was Amazing and also this is the first drama that i watched with English Sub Tittle  Silly me...


this advertisement is really Amazing


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