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hungry wok


hungry wok

~ Hello!! My name is Austen and i'm from Canada! ~

 I started watching dramas during the summer of 2017 and i've become completely addicted. I mostly watch kdramas but i'm trying to watch more japanese and chinese dramas in the future (suggestions are highly appreciated!) I also listen to kpop, especially: nct, got7 (jj project are my children), bts, day6, loona, twice, and red velvet. But i'm also listening more to artists like dean, heize, offonoff, and groovyroom. I'm always excited to meet people as obsessed as I am so feel free to add me as a friend :) 

~ how I rate ~

10 - A masterpiece; I loved the story, acting, music, etc. and I would not hesitate to recommend 

9-9.5 - I absolutely loved it, but I was able to find one or two things that I would've changed; I will most likely recommend to others

8-8.5 - Really great, but not mind blowing. Usually I rate like this when I loved the drama but I don't see myself re-watching or immediately suggesting to others

7-7.5 - I overall enjoyed it, but there were areas that definitely could have been improved; I usually don't recommend these

6-6.5 - I usually regret not dropping these dramas; Either I just never got attached to the characters/story or I particularly hate the ending (cough cough Blood)

4.0-5.5 - I really should have dropped this drama; To be rated this low, there has to be some part of the drama (a character, a storyline, etc.) that really bugs me

<4 - I never want to have to rate something this low; I'd probably drop it if it's this bad

~ what's stuck in my head at the moment ~

JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today (내일, 오늘)

Specifically the live version - it's the most beautiful thing and I highly suggest listening ^^

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