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Dec 28, 2016
Overall 5.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 3.0
Entourage is another of tvN’s ambitious Korean remakes of American shows. Unfortunately, compared to The Good Wife, this is a pretty terrible remake. I have not watched either originals of both shows, so I’m judging this as a standalone show. There is so much wrong with the story. There’s just nothing happening at all. I have read that the original was somewhat like that, the chronicling of what happens in the life of a Hollywood starlet. In whatever way the story was told in the original, it seems to have worked, but the way the story is being told in this remake doesn’t seem to work at all as a K-drama. The writer’s efforts to portray the reality of the Korean entertainment industry were pretty weak, particularly Young-bin’s status in the industry as a young actor. Without giving anything away, a lot of story that took place in the last 2 episodes would have been better placed either at the halfway mark of this show, or somewhere in episode 12, which would have allowed the story to go much much further. There is little to no character development. Young-bin is such a childish, immature character. So-hee has as much personality as a cardboard standee (seriously). Kwang-soo’s character is frustrating at most times. The bright spark is Park Jung-min’s character, Ho-jin, who was not fully utilised in terms of character developer and the actor’s capability, and of course Jo Jin-woong’s character, the bulldogged agent who admirably never gives up without a fight. Such a waste of talent. Given the meandering story and non-drama, each episode was such a drag, I kept checking the running time while watching every episode, to check when the episode would end. Each episode was about an hour 15 minutes. Granted, this run time is not uncommon with Korean dramas, but it exacerbated the monotony and boredom I felt watching this show. It’s a pity this show is such a flop, given how much hype there was, how much money was thrown at it, and a cast with so much star potential. Overall, and I hate saying this, I do NOT recommend this show at all.
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