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Love O2O
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by rainruma

Mar 30, 2017
30 of 30 episodes seen
Completed 12
Overall 5.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
An Unpopular Opinion.... *** What I Like (+): --- Yang Yang is the Master.... Master at Kissing that is - too bad he didn't have a partner :( --- Old Man Yu is most enjoyable character to watch .... The actor, Niu Jun Feng, is the best in the show! ... (just as good as he was in Battle of Changsha) --- Zhang Vin is so very Hot looking as the brooding KO... too bad he didn't have much screen time. --- enjoyable encounters .... nothing annoying. --- Villains were not real bad .... some had a little bit of growth, a positive!!! --- The Game scenes were shot well! --- Good looking cast. *** What I did NOT like (-): --- Practically No plot .... nothing much happens .... no drama. --- 2-dimensional characters .... No depth, no psyche ..... all the more kudos to NJF who made Old Man Yu shine! --- Lead actress froze w/ open eyes as he passionately kissed her .... She's unhealthily skinny ... Does too many pout faces. --- What's w/ the mystery of Mr. Beautiful and KO???.... It was probably a BL in the novel, they only hinted at it here .... but at least turn their friendship into something worthwhile!! .... not just shallow encounters :P:P --- Her friend Er Xi is way too bubbly!!! .... trying too hard to be cute :P ... too much like a manga character .... a different actress could have turned her into someone cute and lovable ... ( I am thinking of Dilraba as the impish red fox princess in Eternal Love .... so cute and energetic w/out being annoyingly bubbly) *** Recommended for those who like: --- Refreshing love story, b/c no love triangles ... no angst ... trusting couple who talk things out. --- fluff and cute scenes --- No real villains --- Don't mind that there is NO strong Plot .... and NO well-developed or complex characters. :((( *** Not recommended if you want depth, complex characters or interesting plot. *** Ratings - Story - 3 .... simple, nothing there. - Acting - 5 ... Not bad not good ..... some supporting were bad ... Only NJF's performance stood out as very good. - Music - 5 ... It fit well ... bit too bubbly and "pop" for my taste. - Rewatch - 2 ... only if in front of me, I won't turn around.... But I would never seek it out. Basically, very bland and very blah!!!! ..... Not much to love and even less to hate .... If not for Yang Yang's kisses, there is nothing to watch.
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