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Female, Leo, Nigerian,Twin, Aspiring Global Leader and Drama Lover:)

Thought it was time to update my profile because it's been 5 years (2012 -) since I started watching dramas. I love watching Korean and Chinese dramas. I haven't watched Taiwanese drama in 2 year (probably start watching them again maybe not), watched a few Thai, Japan (plan on watching more) and recently got into filipino dramas. I also like watching indian movies. I didn't start from dramas, but from anime (which I am no longer into) to Manga/Manhwa/webtoons (currently reading Unstoppable Sibling and Happy If You Died Manhwa). I love learning about different cultures and traditions. I am currently in university majoring in International relations. Wow, time flies I can't believe it's been 8 years since I got my first taste of Asian shows through anime.

A little about my personality: Passionate, Outspoken, Social (but honestly prefer staying home watching dramas all day long), friendly, childish at times (Cuz I don't understand why people want to grow up so fast, but I still act my age 94% of the time). I get irritated easily, but make me laugh and it's all good:)

I like listening to music when I actual do listen to music because most of the time when I have my earphones on I am just being entertained by my thoughts.

Goals: Getting back to my avid reader days, possibly going to the gym to strengthen my muscles because I am only 19 but I complain like an old lady.

Female Bias: Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin

I would go on about my other biases, but I am tired of writing. 


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