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somewhere between your legs


somewhere between your legs

"Die young or die hopeless"


*zyxsln or known as Celina favors the colour of red as it shared the same colour of blood. She could never thanks SHINee ( kpop idol group) to introduce her into BoysLove. She currently 22 years old. Bisexual x single. Living in somewhere she called her bubble. She is not as dark as she looks however do not get on her dark side. She doesn't have much friends but new friends are welcome.


*Celina usually watch dramas that only she found interesting/ unique/ special or she won't watch. She also only watch dramas that in complete status since she hates cliffhanger. Besides that, she does listen to variety of music genre but mainly she listens to k-pop ( She is an EXO-L , ARMY, BLINK, MooMoos ).

 * She plays musical instrument which is Kalimba (17 keys ) and she does poster editing for fanfiction and etc. She also writes fanfiction on under the name of 'YixingsBaoBei' and mainly writes for her favourite pairing which is 'ChanBaek'. 
*Her interests is quick to wander. She loves watching movies but mainly she watch horror movie. She despise romantic movies except for the one that she truly believe special and interesting.


You can find Celina on:

- Instagram : @zyxsln
- Twitter : @xingishigh (very nsfw content )

"The list only applicable for the one that Celina loves"

 Celina's drama rating:

Loved it! Definitely will re-watch!
9.9 - 9.0Love them!
8.9 - 8.0Love them but something is missing.
7.9 - 6.0It's okay.
5.9 - 5.0It's average.
* if the rating is less than 5.0, it's trash, it drain my will of living

Quotes of the day

"Sometimes, you gotta go out and lay on the grass, enjoying the smell and the wetness of rain surrounds your body. Act like a kid again and you'll miss everything you thought you never had."

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