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The Innocent Man Episode 20

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Everyone comes to know about Maru's illness.Finally Jae Hee accepts her crimes in front of police.Maru undergoes the surgery.Seven years pass....Maru has lost his memories but has completed medical studies and now is a doctor in a village where he starts his new life with Eun-gi.All others also get there happily ever after.Jae hee also gets released.

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  • Aired: November 15, 2012

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The Innocent Man Episode 20 Reviews

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Feb 22, 2013

Goodbye, Maru

I'll miss you and Han Jae Hee, as much as I hated her. And Soe Eun Gi, and everyone. It was awesome while it lasted (even though I think it went on for a bit too long).

I am a bit confused about the ending though. Did Maru forget everything? Or was he faking it? Who was the little girl with the last name Kang (unless that was Choco and Jae Gil's girl and I just wasn't paying attention)?

Overall, it was a great finale and a brilliant series.
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Nov 17, 2012

Satisfying Conclusion

This drama was brilliant. The finale episode did a good job of not becoming boring and since all of the characters were so complex and well written I was glad we got to see an ending to all of their backstories! That being said, I was literally screaming at EunGi for not noticing that, um, MaRoo had been STABBED! I mean, geez, blind much?! Ack, whatever, all's well that ends well :)

I've come to the conclusion that MaRoo actually did have all of his memories but was choosing to act the amnesiac so that he and EunGi could have a fresh start. Since he gave her the rings he had bought when they were a couple, that's what I would assume anyways... that part was a bit confusing but however we choose to interpret the ending at least it was a happy one!!!

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Nov 16, 2012


Though I didn't like few episodes at first cos' they were too dragged with the plot and I couldn't stand more suffering of Maru, I really totally honestly loved the ending.

It was so pure,and honestly I thought he died in that murder attempt.

After 7 years have passed...
and I saw that lil girl who said her name was "PARK dunno what" I thought it was EUNGI&PARKLAWYER; kid!!!!!!
But turned out I was wrong

and Maru becoming a Doctor...in Busan...I'm like..It's my dream coming true I tell ya. I cried through the whole episode since that AWESOME UNUSUAL OPENING of the episode!!!

If you haven't noticed, the opening was that ticking clock...Maru is crying ..and OMG suddenly his teary eyes start to smile!!! And his lips too!!! Since that moment I become so emotional LOL

And Eungi opening a cafe,glad she met him again and His dreams came true as well... But I didn't get it.
If he has lost his memories....WHAT ABOUT THESE RINGS IN THAT RED BOX HE BOUGHT HER EARLIER in other episode???? It was amazing.

And I'm so glad he didn't die and just started a new life.
By the way, with all his injuries during the 20ep plot I think Mary should be called IRONMAN and not NiceGuy kekekekeke...

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Nov 16, 2012

I feel so EMPTY now

No more Innocent Man? :O It all came down to the last episode, it's a one of a kind drama which is unpredictable and keeps you watching. The ending was great...I gues Lawyer Park runs Tae San now, Jae Hee and her brother started a new life...and Ma Roo lost his memory but...I loved the ending it was sweet!

I wanted to see the wedding ceremony but it's okay I loved it anyways :) Most people said they didn't like the ending butI did. Because he's happy. Ma roo didn't die and that's just enough to be my great ending :D
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Nov 16, 2012

loved it

I don't know if the ending is reasonable enough but I did loved it
it end in this sweetness
they idea of letting everything go and have a fresh start is sooo good & also that love is fate which we can't avoid
happy ending for everyone :)
I enjoyed this show very much.
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Nov 16, 2012


I feel like they ended it at a very nice place,while showing a little about the futeure and answering all the questions left behind,overall this drama was worth watching and I enjoyed most of the episodes...I feel like Joongki is also grownng to be a better actor with every other drama,so I will be watching his next drama/film for sure :)
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Nov 16, 2012

I can't believe it's the end :(

I don't know about you, but I think this is actually my first time watching a melodrama that doesn't disappoint me in the ending !
throughout the whole drama, everything was perfectly explained and showed .. I think the writer has did her best work so far.
My heart dropped when Maru hugged Eungi, and then when he fell on the street .. I was like NO this can't be !! He suffered the whole time .. He can't be dying !!
But the last 5min were like the best ending it can be ..
still a little bit confused though , He did lose his memories right ?!

Anyway ,, Nice Guy was such a good drama, a REALLY GOOD DRAMA.
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Nov 16, 2012

hard to say goodbye :(

undeeed the best 20hours of my life. The writer, again, didn't deceive me at all. The ending was perfect. If it ended like 5minutes before it would have been less good, but those last 5minutes just explained everything. The characters of this drama are really lovable and complexe. Jinjah johah! i think that this drama is a little bit difficult to understrand so i don't think that everybody will get the subliminal messages that the writer gave us and it's the most important part of the drama!
Anyways, the drama was perfect from episode 1 to 20 ! amazing cast amazing directing, amazing story, amazing OST. Thank you korea! 2012: best korean dramas year :)

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Nov 15, 2012


I'm going to watch the last episode now lets see!
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Nov 15, 2012

my heartfelt good bye.. T-T

after all the twist and turns, the hatred and revenge has now come to it's end.. indeed love can change us. from a cold hearted kang ma ru to a caring and loving man..from an arrogant and selfish Eun Gi.. that turns to a simple, sweet woman.. some may dislike this drama.. but the end really justify the means.. all are now has fallen into their places.. I'm happy how it ended..

Choco and Jae Gil one happy couple..
Han Jae Hee.. Starting a new life
Joon Ha.. Fully recovered from the accident
Kang Ma Ru.. a doctor.. ^-^
And EUn Gi.. owner of a bakery...

I cried at the end.. I'm now saying my good bye to kang ma ru and eun gi.. Until next time.. ^-^


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