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12 hours ago - 18 comments
kanz_cech shares her picks for a sports-filled movie weekend → Read More
3 days ago - 36 comments
Displaced Moon's Stalker's Guide to Rain → Read More
5 days ago - 63 comments
Stasiamae takes a look at some of those off screen age differences between actors, actresses, and their leading partners. Do you know just how old/young they are? → Read More
6 days ago - 103 comments
This is the third and last part of my article about beloved actors. I hope you'll enjoy it and please share your opinion. → Read More
9 days ago - 67 comments
The last installment-wishlist of anime that should be made into drama! → Read More
12 days ago - 69 comments
The live action movie adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin is slated for a 2015 release... → Read More
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Two Weeks Episode 9 Reviewed by Chrisstina 5 hours ago

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    Both films were directed by Kazuaki, they had the same type of CGI and action. Although Casshern is a Sci-Fi action film, Goemon was more Action/Historical oriented. If you liked one of them you would absolutely like the other.
  • If you liked
    ...then you might like
    Ha Ji Won plays the role of a strong influential woman in both historical series. Though one is of an empress while the other is a gisaeng, both carries quite a few similarities such as being smart etc...


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