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Introduce yourself to the MDL family! Don't be shy. We don't bite...too hard.

IzzyDramaLover • 3 hours ago

General Discussion

Talk about anything.

KmjSsk • 3 hours ago

Non Asian Music

Discuss your favorite non Asian Music...

ItsFeli • 5 hours ago

Non Asian Movies & Shows

Discuss the hottest new non Asian movies and shows out there.

Lyra • 16 hours ago

Creativity Forum

This forum is where you can post your stories, poetry, photography, sigs, avatars, whatever else you make.

God • 5 days ago

Forum Games

AMIssyow • 5 minutes ago

South Korea

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Korean Dramas, Movies & Variety shows.

Discuss your favorite Korean dramas, movies, and Variety shows...

PriRiRin • 20 seconds ago

Korean Actors & Actresses

Talk about your favorite actors and actresses...

StarlitStorm • 13 hours ago

Korean Music

Discuss all types of Korean music including Kpop, Krock and more!

rosyprincess • 2 hours ago

General Korea Talk

Talk about the Koreas.

KoriNeko18 • 13 hours ago

General Asia

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Recommendation Forum

Cactus28 • 3 hours ago

General Asia Forum

For all threads, not fitting in the specific country forums.

ravenchaser • 6 minutes ago

Show & Movie Discussions

hongberg • 8 hours ago


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Japanese Drama & Movies

Discuss the hottest new jdramas and jmovies!

yukitomo • 4 hours ago

Japanese Actors & Actresses

Discuss your favorite Japanese Actors & Actresses...

KenWong • 5 hours ago

Japanese Music

Discuss your favorite Japanese Music here!

rosyprincess • 2 hours ago

General Japan Talk

Talk about Japan in general.

yukitomo • 4 days ago

Anime and Manga

ravenchaser • 2 minutes ago


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Chinese Drama & Movies

Discuss the hottest Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese Dramas and Films.

Oshin • 11 hours ago

Chinese Actors & Actresses

Discuss your favorite Actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

soojungstrash • 25 days ago

Chinese Music

Discuss all genres of Chinese music.

keifferodartseam • May 8, 2017 12:05 PM

General China Talk

Talk about China.

Rama-Rama • May 13, 2017 08:05 AM


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Thai Dramas (Lakorns) & Movies

Discuss your favorite Thai Dramas or Movies...

Oshin • 11 hours ago

Thai Actors & Actresses

Discuss/fanboy over your favorite Thai actor or actress!

Zig • 6 hours ago

Thai Music

Discuss old Thai songs, new songs, and everything in between

keyppuccino • 3 days ago

General Thai Talk

Talk about Thai in general

immortalcupcake • 3 days ago

Everything MyDramaList

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Read the latest news on whats happening at MDL

Zombie_Girl • Jun 23, 2014 08:06 AM

Community Tasks

This forum is a section where everyone can keep track of what needs to be done (on MDL), and as a community we can get them done.

Hessa • Apr 29, 2017 08:04 AM


Have any Questions about MDL? Bugs? Posts that break the rules? Post them here!

Hessa • 13 hours ago


Sharif • 3 days ago