Review: If Cats Disappeared From the World
A short review of the 2016 Japanese movie, "If Cats Disappeared From the World".
7 Reasons to Watch The Best Hit
In 1993, Yoo Hyun Jae disappears and accidentally slides down the stairs of the building and as he goes all the way out of the building, he finds himself in the year 2017.​
Defending the Thirty-Minute Episode Format
Will the new thirty minute episode format be a hit or miss with current K-drama fans? Surprisingly, "Something About 1%" may be its strongest ally.
Soju's Top 10 Winter Dramas
These 10 dramas will warm your hearts during this chilly winter!
IRL Couples from K-dramaland!
Sometimes you may think couples on screen are too good to be true... but think again. Here are three couples who managed to carry a relationship not only in a drama but in real life too.
Korean Dramas as Disney Princess Movies
These eight Korean Drama and Disney Movie pairings will leave you surprised!
Okja 2017 Film Review
The adorable and huge super-pig that has been scientifically modified grows up in the mountains with Mi Ja and her Grandfather. Until the day Mirando Corp comes to take Okja back.
Top 7 Kdrama OSTs of 2017 - Part 1
A short list of some of my favorite Korean drama OSTs from the first half of 2017!
Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek
Wondering what to watch next that has equal parts fantasy, romance and humor? Wanting something after Goblin, with hopefully less tears? I know I do, and so I’m watching: The Bride of Habaek.
Summer 2017 Japanese Dramas Preview
Rainy days keeping you indoors this summer? Spend your time with these Jdramas!
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Will Get Married in October!
Popular Korean stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will get married in October!
Circle (It's More Like a Pretzel)
CharlieBishop's review of the recently completed KDrama, "Circle".
Currently Watching: Suspicious Partner
Here's why you need to be watching SBS's latest romcom, Suspicious Partner!
Real Korean Criminal Cases That Inspired The Drama Signal
Here are a few criminal cases that inspired the Korean drama ''Signal''
Currently Watching: Hit the Top
MisbehavingCub explains why she likes this drama and why you should check it out!

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