Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is’s goal is to provide Asian drama/movie fans a site where they can create their very own dramalists, write reviews and make recommendations, discuss dramas and movies with other like-minded people, discover new dramas/movies to watch, and make friends all while having tons of fun.

  • This is my first time here, what do I do?

    How about creating an account? Once you've done that, go ahead and start adding Dramas and Movies. You can also edit your profile, post on the forums, and tons of other stuff!

  • How can I create an account? Is it free?

    It’s easy, just go here here
    Yes, registering and using is completely free!

  • What can I do as a user of MDL?

    You can:
    - Make a DramaList (with Asian Dramas and Asian Movies) Here is an example list:
    - You can write Reviews (Example)
    - You can make Recommendations (Example)
    - You can help make our Drama/Movie/Actor Database better by filling out missing information.
    - You can discuss Dramas/Movies/Actors/everything else with other fans.
    - You can make new friends who love Asian dramas!

  • I can’t find this drama/movie/actor(ess) on MyDramaList? Can someone add it?

    Since we have just launched recently, this will probably happen every so often. The good news is that since MDL is a community website all it takes is for one user to add that drama. And that user, can be you! All you have to do is go to the Drama Index Page / Movie Index Page / Actor Index Page and click Add New Drama/Add New Movie/Add New Actor and then fill out the information. When you finish, simply press “Submit” and then a staff member will go through the application and either approve it or reject it. Reasons why your Drama/Movie/Actor may have been rejected can be found below.

  • Why was my Drama/Movie/Actor rejected?

    The reason why your Drama/Movie/Actor may have been rejected could be because of one of the following.
    - Show/Actor is already on MDL under either the name you submitted it as, or other another name it is more commonly known as.
    - Show or Person was not from Japan/Korea/China/Hong Kong/ Taiwan. In case of actors, we do allow actors who are from other countries, but who are active in dramas or movies from those 5 countries.
    - Inappropriate Content. While we are a database for Dramas/Movies/Actors & Actresses from Japan/Korea/China/Hong Kong/ Taiwan, we are not a database for pornographic filmography. Keep in mind that does not mean movies or dramas with nudity or heavy sexy scenes. Just Pornography.

    User Profiles & General Questions

  • How do I add a Drama/Movie on my list?

    There are several places where you can add a Drama/Movie to your list.
    -On the actual Drama/Movie page, you would click “Add to List”
    -On the Drama/Movie Index Page. Here’s an example: You would click “Add” which is located to the right of the Drama/Movie title.

  • How can I add favorites to my profile?

    To add favorite Dramas/Movies/Actors to your profile, once you’re logged in, you go to the top right, click on your username, click ‘Edit Settings’, Click on favorites, then search for your favorite Dramas/Movies/Actors. You can add up to 5 favorite Dramas, 5 Favorite Movies, and 5 favorite actors.

  • Can I watch/download Dramas/Movies on MyDramaList.Com

    No. Our site is not a place to watch Dramas/Movies.

  • How come so and so drama/movie isn’t ranked first on Most Popular!

    Our Dramas and Movies are ranked using a complex algorithm which takes into account several things including how many people added the drama to their list, what they scored it, comments, recommendations, reviews and a lot more!

  • Why do you only have Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese/Thai dramas? Please add Vietnamese/Filipino/etc dramas and movies! I love them!

    At the moment, with only Dramas/Movies/Actors from those 6 countries, we’re still missing a lot of Dramas/Movies/Actors from our database. Once we feel like we have most of the Dramas/Movies/Actors from these 5 countries and our site is nice enough to progress, we will then think about adding more.

  • I have an Idea for a Feature

    Awesome! If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to improve MyDramaList.Com, head on over to our Feedback Forum. Create a new topic explaining (in as much detail as possible) what feature/idea you have. Thanks for helping out!