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Chinese Drama - 2014

Based off the internet novel 'The Royal Prince of Orchid Hills', this is a sequel to the highly popular 2013 drama adaptation of Lan Ling Wang. The story tells the legend of the Qingluan mirror and Lican sword which is said to be able reunite the country when possessed by the owner. The items once formerly…

30 Episodes
  • 10.0
Japanese Drama - 2014

When Natsuki Aizawa was a child, she was kidnapped which left her traumatized. Natsuki grew up relying on her friend Kentaro Yuki. She now studies physics at a university. One day, she meets newly appointed professor Shuya Tatsumi. Afterwards, mysterious events continually happen around Natsuki Aizawa.…

8 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Drama - 2014

Lawyer Kasahara Takuya comes from behind to win an acquittal for Arimura Hirohito whom the death penalty was sought on charges of serial rape and murder. The families of the victims and the mass media take out their fury on Kasahara who lodged Arimura’s innocence even though he clearly had the murderous…

5 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 2014

There is a common Korean belief that anything plus nine (gu in Korean) is always "cursed" and brings about more hardship than usual, including the ninth year of every decade in one's life. Gu Gwang Soo is 39 years old. He was once the brilliant PD of the nation's top live music program. But his fall…

16 Episodes
  • 7.9
Hong Kong Drama - 2014

Chief inspector of Hong Kong’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Cheuk Hoi, remains suspicious over his close colleague’s mysterious death. Adding to the enigma, he discovers that the five undercover agents who were in constant contact with his dead friend have all vanished. Since the agents possess…

31 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Special - 2014

In July 1945, the war condition deteriorates beyond measure. Even civilians who were told that they would not be picked by the military if they joined settlement groups are drafted into the army. Many women as well as children are left in these groups. In a change of course, the Japanese army is made…

1 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Drama - 2014

Cha Woo Jin is a prosecutor. 15 years ago, he lost his first love Seung Hee to a crime. Since then, he has devoted himself to violent crime cases. While he looks for a criminal, a female high school student Jo Eun Bi, becomes involved in the case. Section Chief Han and a prosecution investigation officer…

10 Episodes
  • 8.3
Taiwanese Drama - 2014

A formerly married couple who end up divorced cross paths, and discover they still have feelings for each other.

22 Episodes
  • 8.6
Chinese Drama - 2014

Upcoming drama staring Zhang Han, Choo Ja Hyun, and Zhu Ken.

42 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Special - 2014

Tachibana Kosuke is the leader of his company's future plans, he's the ace of the corporation he works at which make his colleagues expect a lot from him. Naoko is his devoted wife who helps hm get the right amount of mental support. But Tachibana's calm life starts experiencing major changes as he…

2 Episodes
  • --
Chinese Drama - 2014

My Forgetful Girlfriend” is a romantic comedy about a series of funny encounters that results when the female lead (Nam Gyuri) loses her memory. Nam Gyuri will be playing two characters in the drama – a beautiful billionaire heiress and an ordinary girl, who loses her memory and moves into the male…

31 Episodes
  • 8.0
Thai Drama - 2014

Roy Fun Tawan Duerd is the second part of The Rising Sun Series - is about Ryu who already have Mayumi as his fiancé, but she was too young for him and even if he liked her a lot but he was afraid that she will be his weakness as Prawdao to Takeshi. Then he ignored her for many years until he thought…

11 Episodes
  • 8.8
Chinese Drama - 2014

The legendary rise of a lowly singer to the prestigious status of an Empress.

47 Episodes
  • 7.0
Japanese Drama - 2014

During the summer when he was 17, his private tutor Ozawa Maria, who was then a university student, left him with this last message, “I’ll be your girlfriend after you qualify for university and become an adult.” Then she suddenly disappeared from his life. He still dreams of her sometimes. Even…

7 Episodes
  • --

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