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Family Episode 11

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Mar 29, 2015

The dropping point.

Honestly I wanted this drama to work out! So bad! But this was the episode that made it clear: lot's of boring stereotypical filler.

A MV put this drama on my radar. The cutest MV with a fabulous song for the OST. SunBee's You and I Together! https://youtu.be/vyenEhpliDI?list=PLLd1I6m6vMxD3Qs5n9qUltH4EPe29JMkw

When I stumbled a crossed it the song ensnared me and immediately made me in love with this drama. However, it has been so painful to watch! And I've decided that no amount of filler is worth waiting for the good parts. That's what the MV is for and I have the song.

Because every family drama cliché is present, and I can't stand the "rich and good looking family" at all. They're rude and nothing truly redeems them. Sure the mom fell in love with a guy that it "beneath" her. But other than that she's not that great of a person.

Most of the humor is some kind of bullying and I did not laugh. Especially with rooster crowing noises as a laugh track. I. Kid. You. Not. I would have preferred a laugh track!!

I'm a picky viewer, and this is a long series. Sure they might be half hour bits. Bad humor, rooster laugh tracks, horrible characters, a week "lead" who won't stand up for herself, and a distant promise that I'll see the magic from that MV is not enough to keep me. Good bye.

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