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South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Dec 29, 1990

Kim Ki Bum, also known by his stage name in Japan Allen Kibum, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actor, and television host. He is best known for being a former member of South Korean boy group U-KISS. He is also the younger brother of SS501 member Kim Hyung-jun. (Source: Wikipedia)

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 4, 1954

Pang Hong is a Chinese film actress. She is widely regarded as one of the best film stars in her generation.

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 16, 1986

JapaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 30, 1995

Ruka Matsuda portrayed Katsumi Sasahara in Kamen Rider Ghost: Ikkyu Eyecon! Awaken, My Quick Wit Power!! and Karino Asuna in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Dec 12, 1994

Ukyo Matsumoto played Taiga Hanaya in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. He also portrayed Hayato Kijima in Ultraman X.

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 7, 1995

Affiliated with KEN-ON Group.

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Apr 25, 1982

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Jan 12, 1959

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Mar 8, 1959

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 10, 1985

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Jul 14, 1972

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Dec 8, 1980

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Dec 8, 1981

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Jun 25, 1981