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JapaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Jan 11, 1975

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Jul 17, 1943

South KoreanGender: FemaleBirthday: Aug 30, 1979

ChineseGender: MaleBirthday: Dec 27, 1984

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Aug 1, 1973

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 28, 1967

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 30, 1954

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 30, 1937

Bai Qing was a Chinese Actress. In the 14th of April 2014, she died due to Hepatic encephalopathy at the age of 76.

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Jan 10, 1992

South KoreanGender: FemaleBirthday: Feb 28, 1977

South KoreanGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

UkrainianGender: FemaleBirthday: Jun 3, 1986

Irina Kaptelova (Ukrainian: Ірина Каптелова) is a Ukrainian actress. Kaptelova graduated from the Faculty of International Journalism at the Dnipropetrovsk National University in 2008, and then worked as a television host for a short term. She studied acting under Vitaly Malakhov, People's…

ErrorGender: MaleBirthday: Feb 17, 1973

Jonathan Kos-Read, also known as Cao Cao, is an American film and television actor based in the People's Republic of China. While well known in China, his work is little-known in the United States. Kos-Read uses the stage name Cao Cao, which is also the name of the penultimate chancellor of the Eastern…

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Apr 6, 1982

Hong Kwang-ho is South Korean singer and actor mainly known for his works in musical theater. Hong is best known worldwide for his portrayal of Thuy in the 2014 West End revival of the musical Miss Saigon.