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South KoreanGender: FemaleBirthday: Dec 18, 1995

Im Na Young is a Korean Pop trainee under PLEDIS Entertainment. She is currently a member of the Produce 101 girl group I.O.I.

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 1, 1843

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

JapaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Mar 23, 1989

JapaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Jan 15, 1993

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, 1997

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Aug 29, 1967

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 1, 1964

ThaiGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 8, 1970

Noi Busakorn is a Thai actress and model. She is married to actor Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan and they have two sons together, Khun and Jun

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: May 28, 2007

Bao Tian Yuan is a Chinese actress and model, born in Beijing, China. Actress Tu Tu Xiao Gong Zhu is her cousin. Her father is of Hui ethnic and her mother is of Miao ethnic. She got 1st place in 2012 Micro Child Star Awards.

ChineseGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 25, 1986

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

ThaiGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001