5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!

            5 THINGS WE HATE TO SEE IN A DRAMA         



No one wants to see a weak-willed female lead in a drama. Aside from the fact that these type of female leads are shown to be incompetent, they also act as doormats taking all kind of craps from people, from the main lead's bitchy ex and family members to the jerk male lead himself. A female lead who's always crying is annoying.

At first, they try to show them as naive, shy introverts. This is all fine and dandy, because those traits are present in people in real-life. Unfortunately, with advancement of each episode she becomes stupider and stupider. Which makes us lose interest in her since we can't fathom someone actually acting that way.

competent+strong+kdrama+female+leads+kdr  fasrer.png?w=535


The evil mothers that we encounter in dramaland would give Disney's evil stepmothers a run for their money. We get that in some twisted way they want the best for their children (maybe?), but the things they do will just make you hate them. Though their presence sometimes is necessary for plot development, it still makes our blood boil the second she appears on screen.

Plus trying to separate our OTPs. That's pretty much a crime.

tumblr_m9pn1laYfa1qj7wgmo1_1280.jpg  Eomeoni+kdrama+family+terms+kdrama+fight


Oh, how we despise the statue/frozen kisses. As if waiting for our OTPs to kiss for almost SIX WHOLE EPISODES isn't enough, when they do finally kiss, it's... well, unsatisfactory to say the least. They might as well show two mannequins kissing for all the chemistry we get. And they keep showing the clip for almost a hole minute, making it look like our screen is paused.

Although in new-ish dramas we are starting to get some real kissing, there are still some dramas that haven't moved with the times.

ENPM6_zps0f11666c.jpg  O4Q3Ony.png

tumblr_o9liehjMKi1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg   tumblr_o9zhf7CQBQ1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


There's not a single drama viewer who hasn't experienced SLS. We have all gone through it and know how extremely painful it can be. Knowing that ship is never going to sail... sometimes we drop the whole drama because of it. And even if we do complete it, we're never satisfied by it.

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 13686813_640264942789875_860877065_n.jpg          tumblr_nwp7zkapJy1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


One thing every drama-fan wishes for is to their OTP to live happily ever after. So of course one thing we most dread is the sad, tragic, or even bittersweet ending in our drama. Sure it occurs less frequently, but when it does, there's no stopping the tears.

Although it's true that some dramas warrant the sad ending they get, it doesn't make it any less painful to watch. No matter how illogical it seems, every fan wants to see their OTP end up together.

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Which ones do you hate the most?

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    qtandem Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    I hate the bitchy second female lead. I'm tired of the fact that the second male lead is almost always nice and the second female lead is always super evil. At least it seems that in recent dramas the second female lead character is becoming a little more complex, but I hate it when they sell the idea that women are always bitchy to other women when it comes to seducing a man. I HATE it.

    • Reply
      Mio Jan 9, 2017 - edited

      I agree with you! I really hate bitchy second female leads... they always make second male leads likable, but not with female second leads. Of course, thank God, things are changing slowly!

  • Reply
    Suicidal_Hermit Jan 9, 2017

    #4: EVIL MOTHERS.....currently watching Three Brothers and the mother has already been in every episode I've watched episode 30/70. If I could throw something through my screen to hit her in the head I would!

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    MelimeloAsiafan Jan 9, 2017

    Well you describe it very well but I have to tell that all the cliché in the dramas are sometimes really frustrating. like by example rich jerk guy, bad rich girl, good poor girl,... Sometimes I wish for more different ideas,plots and characters even if I think it's becoming a little better. Sometimes I love cliché sometimes not and the 5 elements you talk about there are definitely not in the cliché that I could like. bad or free ending by exemple I definitely can't. And sometimes i really wish than authors can surprise us and putting the second lead with the actress/actor like in "doctors" I find the main couple so inatractive... And weird...
    And I definitely can't with weak woman lead... I don't see the point of them...

  • Reply
    aimsat Jan 9, 2017

    ommoooo Writernim you just spoke my mind...I hate 5, 4 & 3...good article (Y)

  • Reply
    laura Jan 9, 2017

    lol, it's telling that "weak" female lead made the list but jerk male lead didn't

  • Reply
    Ceki Jan 9, 2017

    #5 pisses me off the most.

  • Reply
    Melanie Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    Even as a melodrama lover, tragic endings really do break my heart. Especially when there's no followup or second season...I weep like a baby. TT
    The main thing that really grates my nerves is asshole male leads. I guess that ties in with SLS but honestly, who would put up with half of these male leads in the real world!? If that's one trope that should be laid to rest, it's that.

  • Reply
    MrsChoeYeong Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    Am i the only one who hasn't experienced SECOND LEAD SYNDROME

    • Reply
      1004_blue Jan 9, 2017

      The only time I really truly have was Your Beautiful. Shin Woo was so much better than Tae Kyung imo

    • Reply
      Surprise-Lobotomy Jan 9, 2017

      I haven't

    • Reply
      Elisabetta Jan 9, 2017 - edited

      It was You're beautiful for me too, but I didn't care that much for both first and second lead. It was Jeremy that broke me.

    • Reply
      supertgirl Jan 9, 2017

      Never in my life have I experienced it, the main leads are main for a reason lol. The closest I came to it was Joo Jin Mo in empress ki but honestly I still counted him as the main lead (in my head coz I stopped at episode 34)

  • Reply
    yuurei Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    SPEAKING of flashbacks, the five minute flashbacks of things that happened earlier in the episode (or one episode ago) as if we all suddenly caught the kdrama amnesia cliché.

    • Reply
      Archania Jan 8, 2017

      YESS!!! How could I forget that one :D

    • Reply
      ricky Jan 9, 2017

      Yeah, good one. It feels like filler for the episode.

  • Reply
    fiflydramalover Jan 8, 2017 - edited


    Oh and this one luckily seems to have died out, but there used to be this problem with kdramas where the lighting would change dramatically between scenes. Like it would be the middle of the day and then the next scene the middle of the night but barely any time would have passed. That used to bother me a lot.

  • Reply
    bajanVIP Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    Hate the truck of death, Misunderstandings (which could have been avoided by asking a question) and Memory loss

  • Reply
    LuvK Jan 8, 2017

    You forgot a break up scene, or a separation of a time gap. Is a must in almost all Asian dramas. I hate those the most, after the stiff kiss.

  • Reply
    rainruma Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I strongly agree w/ #3
    Better to fake a Kiss w/ camera angles (like in Thai lakorns) and let our imagination flow than to ruin it all w/ a frozen lip-touch ...

  • Reply
    squeakyelle Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I think that all of these should have an asterisk next to them, we hate to see them badly written, but when there is amazing writing and acting I don't think any of these would bother me. Like for number one, I hate a doormat, but if it's written well and the character has a reason for being like that, and they change and you really get to see their development throughout the series, I like that.

  • Reply
    rainruma Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I disagree with #1.... I don't mind tragic endings as long as they are befitting of the entire story arc .... It is not the end that matters, but my enjoyment of the story all along!

    A "Sad ending" does NOT necessarily equal a "Bad Ending"!!!
    Feeling "Sad" for the hero or couple is not the same as feeling "Hopeless" or "Lack of Enjoyment"....

    -- people object that tragic endings make them sad .... To me if a drama is hopeful about humanity, I don't leave feeling disheartened about my hero's death or that the main couple did not end up together... I will cry, but it does not lessen my enjoyment!
    Example: The classic movie Casablanca ... Not a spoiler to say the lovers don't have their HEA ... But I still get lots of enjoyment from the film.... I am glad they separated, it is befitting!

    -- Shows that have an overall negative view of humanity can make me feel disheartened much more, even w/ a happy ending ....
    Example: Movie Oldboy .... I don't remember our hero's exact end, but he finally got his revenge .... I still left w/ a depressed mood at the sad state and disheartened view of humanity.

    -- Happy Ending can still be a Bad ending if it does not fit ....
    Example: the only examples I can think of atm would be major spoilers... but u know, when a couple still end up together, even if it does not make sense w/ the rest of the story.... To me, the whole story was weak all along :P

    P.S. Good article ... It is getting a lot of people talking on the feeds.

    • Reply
      Ana Jan 9, 2017

      Omg! Thank you for writing this! I'm such a tragic ending lover and my friends judge me for it. Lol. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. <3

    • Reply
      rainruma Jan 9, 2017

      The best most romantic love stories I've seen or read have tragic endings (all except for P&P).

    • Reply
      LPA Apr 12, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
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