5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!

            5 THINGS WE HATE TO SEE IN A DRAMA         



No one wants to see a weak-willed female lead in a drama. Aside from the fact that these type of female leads are shown to be incompetent, they also act as doormats taking all kind of craps from people, from the main lead's bitchy ex and family members to the jerk male lead himself. A female lead who's always crying is annoying.

At first, they try to show them as naive, shy introverts. This is all fine and dandy, because those traits are present in people in real-life. Unfortunately, with advancement of each episode she becomes stupider and stupider. Which makes us lose interest in her since we can't fathom someone actually acting that way.

competent+strong+kdrama+female+leads+kdr  fasrer.png?w=535


The evil mothers that we encounter in dramaland would give Disney's evil stepmothers a run for their money. We get that in some twisted way they want the best for their children (maybe?), but the things they do will just make you hate them. Though their presence sometimes is necessary for plot development, it still makes our blood boil the second she appears on screen.

Plus trying to separate our OTPs. That's pretty much a crime.

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Oh, how we despise the statue/frozen kisses. As if waiting for our OTPs to kiss for almost SIX WHOLE EPISODES isn't enough, when they do finally kiss, it's... well, unsatisfactory to say the least. They might as well show two mannequins kissing for all the chemistry we get. And they keep showing the clip for almost a hole minute, making it look like our screen is paused.

Although in new-ish dramas we are starting to get some real kissing, there are still some dramas that haven't moved with the times.

ENPM6_zps0f11666c.jpg  O4Q3Ony.png

tumblr_o9liehjMKi1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg   tumblr_o9zhf7CQBQ1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


There's not a single drama viewer who hasn't experienced SLS. We have all gone through it and know how extremely painful it can be. Knowing that ship is never going to sail... sometimes we drop the whole drama because of it. And even if we do complete it, we're never satisfied by it.

tumblr_m7jlu86AhZ1qj7wgmo1_500.jpg  tumblr_n9l6yri5xf1qj7wgmo1_500.png

 13686813_640264942789875_860877065_n.jpg          tumblr_nwp7zkapJy1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


One thing every drama-fan wishes for is to their OTP to live happily ever after. So of course one thing we most dread is the sad, tragic, or even bittersweet ending in our drama. Sure it occurs less frequently, but when it does, there's no stopping the tears.

Although it's true that some dramas warrant the sad ending they get, it doesn't make it any less painful to watch. No matter how illogical it seems, every fan wants to see their OTP end up together.

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Which ones do you hate the most?

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    sunah Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I'm pretty sure I have a lot since I've been a fan for years, but I forget until I see them again in a drama so here's my random 5:

    5) Throwing an expensive phone in anger and/or pulling out the battery to stop people from calling you. (why?)

    4) Leaving your phone at home and/or it runs out of battery (grrr!!) at the very moment you probably needed it the most in all the years you've had a phone. (again, why?)

    3) Not having a password/lock on your phone and leaving it lying around for your nemesis to read/delete/send messages from your phone. (are you stupid?)

    2) Running around the whole city (if not country) to look for someone when you can a) call them b) track their phone c) check in with people related to them first or d) simply wait somewhere they'll clearly end up sooner or later. (it's even worse when they run instead of using their brain and driving/taking a cab/whatever else. Not everyone is in immediate danger for you to run out without shoes/proper attire!

    1) What's with catching pneumonia every time a character gets touched by water unintentionally? (Korea you need to up them immune systems!)

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      Archania Jan 8, 2017

      Omg, yes those things are all so true xD ... also: ordering food and drinks at restaurants and leaving without touching it - what a waste :(

    • Reply
      sunah Jan 9, 2017

      Lmao! Yes I forgot this! If they are advertising the food, why isn't anyone eating!

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    HealerDoge Jan 8, 2017

    This made me laugh so bad Haha. For me, I think number 5 takes the cake. Nothing is more troublesome than a weak female lead. It's just too frustrating to watch it when they don't speak up. It makes me want to crawl through the screen and knock some sense into them! But I must say, 3, 2 and 1 makes my skin crawl as well. I just want everyone to be happy and not kiss like either of them are scared out of their minds!

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    sunah Jan 8, 2017

    I love how the same actress is in both memes for evil mothers. She's the queen~

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    Nor Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    For me #1 is the romanticised abusive relationships.
    It's so repulsive to me, and I really think it should not be shown in series as younger viewers can be influenced by them and think it's actually romantic/cute/... if the male lead is manipulative and even physically violent towards the female lead. (I know, because my stupid younger self has been there.) If it's an abusive relationship, clearly show it's not alright and report the guy to the police. Thanks.

    • Reply
      Archania Jan 8, 2017

      You are absolutely right on this.

    • Reply
      Tenie Jan 8, 2017

      Exactly! I was missing something on that list and was this! (And romanticized abusive relationships are prone to end with a Second-lead syndrome, which drives me nuts because the second lead and the protagonist almost always engage in a healthy (or healthier, at least) relationship than the main one and I always end up asking why would someone give up on someone decent to be with someone who is abusive af?????) Thank you for this!

    • Reply
      yuurei Jan 8, 2017

      This so much, Tenie. I feel like every time there's a super desirable second lead, and we ship them instead of main couple, it's probably because there are NO really good qualities about the leading male to make us understand the lead female's decision. It drives me absolutely insane.

    • Reply
      Nor Jan 9, 2017

      @Tenie & yuurei: I couldn't agree more!

  • Reply
    Ari Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I agree with all of these, especially the frozen or "dead fish" as i'd like to call it, kisses. Those are huge buzz kill and I hate it the most.

    Also, the weak female leads are what i've started to notice a lot more while watching. Before I didn't mind as much but now it does make me cringe. I blame healer because after I finally watched it, I felt like Park Chae Young's character was very strong. Compared to Love in the Moonlight Kim Yoo Jung's character which I saw as weak (still loved the drama though).

  • Reply
    Archania Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    Well, I guess I am pretty lucky, since I don't care about romance in dramas, so that means no second-lead syndrome and no problems with statue kisses (nice word btw) for me :D

    I guess, out of those, I hate weak female lead the most, because how often can a person get stepped on but still blame herself or just cry or not doing anything at all. That's too frustating!!!

    Something that isn't on the list but totally bugs me --> when the villains don't get properly punished. They get away with everything and never face any real consequences. Of course this doesn't happen in all dramas, but in quite a few and I hate it. Also, when people always listen in on other peoples' conversation at just the right moment to overhear a crucial piece of information. It happens way too often in a single drama to be realistic.

    • Reply
      Akaisora Jan 8, 2017

      I've found that dramas tend to make me really bloodthirsty... to the point where I just hope the villains would get shot in the face. xD But I like to think of it as therapy; letting my aggressions out when watching dramas reduces stress irl. :D

    • Reply
      Archania Jan 8, 2017 - edited

      yeah, I'm getting aggressive too, but I think it wouldn't be like this if the actors didn't do a great job - they can really make you hate a certain character :)

    • Reply
      Akaisora Jan 8, 2017

      Haha, that's almost literally what I always say - that if an actor can make you truly hate a character, he/she must be awesome at their job. :D (My best example is Ji Chang Wook in Empress Ki - he's such a total cutiepie and an awesome actor... and I loathed his character with my very being. :D)

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    tattylovestofly Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    I think I lose brain cells every time there's a weak female lead....
    Statue kisses normally end up ruining some of the chemistry the actors have, it also makes me feel like a mother who has walked in on their child making out. It just feels awkward for the viewer.
    But tbh I don't mine tragic endings. Not being funny or anything but I can get really disappointed over the 'miracle cure' after 16 episodes of the lead dying.... not everything is rainbows and sunshine, a bittersweet ending can be nicer :/ Js...

  • Reply
    Mimo Jan 8, 2017

    love the list....i think i hate all of them but i hate 3 most...

  • Reply
    Mitta Jan 8, 2017

    Great list and so on point. But as Purplenette pointed out, these are what make kdramas and why we watch and become addicted. They make us want to emotionally engage - whether to love or to hate them. But of all the above, I'm definitely not a fan of the weak, female lead. I want my female protagonist to have a backbone!

  • Reply
    Ladybritaky Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    ''No one wants to see a weak-willed female lead in a drama.'' I read this type of comment in a l of reviews and to be honest, it always annoys me a bit because I desagree. I agree that ''a lot of people'' don't want to see this type of lead in a drama. I understand and respect those people's opinion. But it's incorrect to say that ''no one'' wants to see that. Because I personally don't mind it at all and I even enjoy it very often. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I doubt that many people agree with me but I also doubt that no one does.
    Personally, I like those type of characters because it's not realistic to have only ''strong'', ''fierce'', ''independent'' female lead. Not everyone is like that. No everyone is Katniss freaking Everdeen. Some people are way more like Bella Swan than Katniss. A lot of people are flawed and are overly emotional, emotionally dependent on people, naive and have other characteristics like these that would make unfit to be called ''a strong'' female lead. I mean, sometimes in life, you do ''take all kind of craps from people'' all the times. I'm not saying that it's right but some people actually are like that and take crap from everyone.
    Now I also love more ''strong'' characters. But more than anything, I love to see all kind of different female leads.

    • Reply
      catladyboo Jan 8, 2017

      as you said, there's nothing wrong with liking such a character and there are certainly people out there who are, like you said, emotionally dependent, naive etc, and that's not the problem. i think the issue is that kdramas tell you that it;s okay to be this way and it's not. it's not okay to let yourself get walked on by other people all the time and just always be the one giving. kdramas need to(and these days they do because you see fewer female leads like this) acknowledge that such characteristics are flaws. but usually, they make it seem as if this kind of person is cute or very nice. i think a great example of a female lead who starts of this way and then comes to realize her flaw is the female lead in cheese in the trap. but that drama does a really great job in general of making it's characters acknowledge their flaws and work towards self-improvement i think. also you said not every character can be katniss everdeen, totally true. but you can have a character who's not necessarily a badass but still has enough self respect to stand up for themselves. c:

    • Reply
      Akaisora Jan 8, 2017

      I gotta agree, I like all types of female leads. Otherwise anything is fine, it just bugs me when they're naive and self-sacrificing to the point of insanity. xD But otherwise, I can definitely enjoy watching a damsel-in-distress types of things.

  • Reply
    emyrose1705 Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    My list:
    5. time jumps: because when there is a huge problem time jump is the solution for that problem;
    4. second leads that never give up: usually is the bitchy ex-girlfriend/ female second lead while the ex-boyfriends/male second leads are knights in shining armor who protect the female lead without caring for their hearts, boring after a while;
    3. the incurable disease: when out of the blue someone gets sick just to made the story more interesting;
    2. statue kiss: I call them fish kiss, but however you call them they are the worst after you waited so long just for something more than holding hands or the always cute piggyback ride;
    1. open ending: I HATE OPEN ENDING... I think it's a big joke that after I watch a drama for 2 months ( if I'm lucky and the drama has only 16 ep) the writers think is better to leave us with an open ending. I want to know how the story end... possibly a happy ending but even a sad ending is better than an open ending.

    Of course this list is not enough to make me stop watching dramas.
    I can hate these things but I keep watching them because I love them :)

    • Reply
      Charlott Jan 8, 2017

      YES on your point 5 and 4. Whenever I see that "[insert number] months/years later" I just get so annoyed. And those 2nd leads that won't every give up... At first it's sad but after a while it just gets so repetitive and I don't feel sorry for them anymore because the one that they love never actually expressed any romantic affection for them at all and might even have told that person on several occasions that they are not interested.

    • Reply
      tattylovestofly Jan 8, 2017

      Omg I forgot about open endings! Just whyyyyyyyyy!?

  • Reply
    arbios Jan 8, 2017

    recently there are a lot of strong female leads like Bok Joo,Shim Chung,the ladies from Age of Youth,Pyo Na Ri,Bok Shil and more. lol and i just hope we have more strong female leads this year too

  • Reply
    KoriNeko18 Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    i love tragic endings if they're done well, because most dramas don't have them and most of them are poorly done, or cheesily made all happy

    I really hate the clihes of there needing to be a second-lead and main lead. like, why can't it be ambiguous?

    • Reply
      tattylovestofly Jan 8, 2017

      I like the dramas with a second lead who doesn't have a thing for her, he just wants her to happy in life :3

  • Reply
    Trouble-chan Jan 8, 2017

    I hate all these - but I did LOVE the last one with the gif of 'there aren't enough curse words in the world for me right now'.......that is ME...EVERY.SINGLE.TIME one of my hated scenarios happens. ESPECIALLY an open/tragic ending.

  • Reply
    catladyboo Jan 8, 2017

    tbh i really liked cheese in the trap ending lol i thought it was great *guilty smile*

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