Genre: Fantasy

Japanese Movie - 2004

It is a little fantasy film. Jennifer is a European girl who little speaks Japanese. He arrived to the funeral in some temple in Japanese country and meet there boy who's play Yamada Takayuki. The boy is a juvenile delinquent and works his punishment in temple. Jenifer likes this silent boy and she…

  • 5.9
Korean Drama - 0000

This web drama is a teen fantasy drama about a teenager who gets her hands on a note that enacts revenge on anyone whose name is written on it.

  • --
Hong Kong Movie - 2011

The story takes place on an ancient mountain - Black Mountain, when a group of workers come to construct a road, causing the ancient spirits, ghosts and humans to enter into conflict. Rumors of spirits causing trouble prompt the workers to leave the mountain, leaving only a hardworking young man by…

  • 7.1
Japanese Movie - 2006

A drama of two aging women who live a solitary life collecting discarded items from a nearby town. One day they return home to find a young girl knitting a red sweater in their house...

  • 8.0
Hong Kong Movie - 2003

Boni is a frustrated advertising executive that becomes caught in a time loop. --Wikipedia

  • --
Hong Kong Movie - 2011

When a down-on-her-luck college student inherits magical powers from her mysterious professor, she finds herself caught up in a war among wizards. Realizing she holds the only key from preventing the destruction of the universal timeline, she joins forces with other keepers of ancient magic in an attempt…

  • 7.1
Taiwanese Drama - 2006

The story begins with the Goddess Nuwa subduing and imprisoning an evil Centipede spirit. The Chalice fairy tasked to guard the centipede spirit however, was careless, the centipede spirit escaped. As punishment, the Chalice spirit was banished to the mortal realm where she will have to grant three…

30 Episodes
  • 7.2
Japanese Movie - 2012

Atsuhime, wife of the 13th Shogun in the Tokugawa shogunate of Edo era Japan, travels in time to the present day. She then sets out to become the number 1 hostess at an upscale hostess club in Ginza ....

  • 3.0
Japanese Movie - 2012

High school student Ayumi (Tori Matsuzaka) is trained by his grandmother (Kirin Kiki) to act as a "tsunagu," an intermediary for people who want to reach the dead.

  • 8.2
Japanese Movie - 2013

In order to protect humankind, Kouga Saezima makes a contract with powerful Kazari. Kouga Saezima travels to the land of promise to bring back the Nageki no Kiba (Fang of Sorrow). When he gets there, Kouga Saezim loses the Garo sword, magic clothes and the Mado ring, which he always carry when he fights.…

  • 7.7
Japanese Movie - 2013

An elementary school student named Masashi finds flat cardboard boxes at a home in which he just moved in. A strange creature like jellyfish comes from the cardboard. Masashi names the strange, but cute creature "Kurage Bo" and they become friends. Masashi places Kurage Bo in a bag and takes the creature…

  • 7.2
Japanese Movie - 2012

Takagi Shu is a happy-go-lucky person who sets his eyes on a lonesome girl named Hisako. When lodging in the wood with some friends, Ai, a vampire, attacks them. Despite of dying, Shu turns into vampire and saved by another vampire named Asagi. Both, they try to find out who was going rampage in the…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 2014

A young girl named Kiki must leave her home for a year to begin training in witchcraft. She leaves on her broom, but first says goodbye to her friends and family. Kiki then begins her new life with her trusted cat Jiji.

  • 7.4
Taiwanese Movie - 2007

A person's birth is influenced by time, location, and the alignment of the earth's magnetic fields. Because of these factors, there are those who have a unique resonance with their magnetic power. These humans were named the Chosen People. In the West, since the days of the Roman Empire, the Chosen…

  • 5.8

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