Genre: Political

Japanese Drama - 2004

Niimi Takashi, an experienced political reporter for a Tokyo newspaper, is unexpectedly chosen by a parliamentary faction to run for a seat in the Japanese legislature. The compromises and sacrifices necessary to succeed in a political campaign are a shock to him, and more so to his recent bride, Mako,…

11 Episodes
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Japanese Drama - 2002

Chiharu is a "normal young lady" who comes to prominence by unhappy accident but succeeds on the strength of her own intellect. Chiharu's father is the mayor of the city, but when he dies suddenly, she is persuaded by his backers to run for his vacant seat. She wins, but to the surprise and consternation…

11 Episodes
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Japanese Drama - 2017

Sato Tomoko leads an ordinary life with her husband and young child. One day, she defies the rules at the company where she works part-time to supplement the household income, and is fired. Tomoko is in her 40s, a high school dropout and has no qualifications. How is she to get a job? She happens to…

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Japanese Drama - 2015

College Professor Koko Misaki (Hitomi Kuroki) is contacted by the executive of a TV station, Shun Yagisawa (Kanji Ishimaru). Shun Yagisawa is her ex-boyfriend, but they have not seen each other in 20 years. Shun Yagisawa contacted Koko Misaki, because Taizo Yamashiro (Ikko Furuya) asked him to introduce…

4 Episodes
  • 8.3
Japanese Movie - 1999

Jubaku Spellbound starring Yakusho Koji and Nakadai Tatsuya.

  • 7.0
Korean Drama - 1995


20 Episodes
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Korean Drama - 2015

Yoo Oh Sung plays a North Korean spy, who will be in confrontation with the main character Seon Woo. Bae Jong Ok plays Seon Woo’s mother. Bae Jong Ok plays Hye Rim – a perfect mom inside and out. She pays a lot of attention to her children’s education. She’s also a perfect housewife who supports…

16 Episodes
  • 7.4
Japanese Movie - 2016

All of the sudden, a giant creature immediately appears, destroying town after town plunged into chaos with its landing reaching the capital. This mysterious giant monster is named "Godzilla".

  • 7.7
Korean Movie - 2017

Gun Woo is an ordinary parcel delivery man who is involved in a conspiracy by a powerful man and is accused of assassinating a presidential candidate.

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Korean Movie - 2017

To prevent a Korean war, Eom Chul Woo,a former agent from North Korea's intelligence bureau, and Kwak Chul Woo, a South Korean government official, carry out a secret operation. ~~ Based on the webcomic "Steel Rain" by Yang Woo Suk (writer) & Je Pi Ga Roo (illustrator).

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Korean Movie - 1991

During her secret date with Park In Kyoo, the opposite party's presidential candidate, Ji Won, an anchor woman, witnesses that Jeong Yong Wuk, an outstanding candidate for the next presidency of the leading party, is violated. She barely escapes from the scene. The political situation gets instability…

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Japanese Drama - 2008

Keita Asakura, 35, a primary school teacher from rural Nagano Prefecture whose recently deceased father had been a dietman from Kyushu. An all-around nice guy, Keita has no interest in politics and agrees to run only to get everyone off his back once and for all. But with the help of some sharp political…

10 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Drama - 2012

The Great Seer begins during the reign of King Gongmin. But despite being about seers, geomancers, divinators and the like, this drama is less about the fantasy and more about the political movers and shakers — people who had the power to advise, and therefore control, kings. Mok Ji-sang is a gifted…

35 Episodes
  • 7.1
Korean Drama - 2013

Kim Soo-Young is a newly elected member of the national assembly. He is a member of the conservative New Korea Party. Prior to his election, Kim Soo-Young worked as a judge, but became pressured by higher ups and decided to enter the political world. Now, Kim Soo-Young becomes involved in a tangled…

16 Episodes
  • 7.6

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