Genre: Friendship

Japanese Movie - 1988

Densuke Hamazaki is an office worker at Suzuki Construction and gets transferred to the main Tokyo office. After settling in to his surrounding along with his wife Eri, Densuke befriends an elderly man named Ichinosuke Suzuki. Ichinosuke is a lonely and old man who learns to enjoy life again through…

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Japanese Movie - 1990

Hama-chan still works at Suzuki Construction in Tokyo, while continuing his friendship with company president Ichinosuke Suzuki. Hama-chan wishes he could have child - the only thing missing in his happy life. Su-san then takes Hama-chan on a fishing trip to cheer him up. While on the trip Su-san meets…

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Japanese Movie - 1994

On a fishing trip, Hama-chan and Su-san meet a beautiful lady and the three have a great time. Later, Su-san gets a toothache, and his dentist turns out to be the woman, whom he secretly takes fishing, lying to Hama-chan in the process. When the two men later run into one another, their friendship is…

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Japanese Movie - 1996

One of Hama-chan's shy pupils falls in love with the daughter of Su-san's friend, and the young lovers eventually get married. After the wedding Hama-chan and Su-san go fishing, but when Su-san slips and injures his leg, concerned company employees rush to their cabin and finally learn of their surprising…

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Japanese Special - 2013

Story of friendship between an old man who slept for 45 years and his nurse who woke him up. (Source: D-Addicts)

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Japanese Special - 2017

Asadera Karea is in the 2nd grade of high school. She has a boyfriend, but she believes he is unfaithful to her. Sekiya Koichi is a smart high school student. He sees a bluebird on a bench outside the school library. At that time, he is almost hit by Asadera Karea on her bicycle. Karea and Koichi barely…

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Korean Movie - 2001

Five girlfriends in their early twenties live in the dingy port town of Incheon. A close-knit circle in high school, their paths begin to diverge as they step into the adult world. At the center of the group is the beautiful and vain Hae-joo, who dreams of becoming a successful career woman. She leaves…

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Japanese Movie - 1989

Hama-chan takes more paid holidays than anyone else at work, but is friends with the company's president, whom he calls Su-san. Su-san's doctor, concerned for the president's health, suggests that he retire. Su-san becomes depressed, goes fishing and collapses on the beach, but Hama-chan come to his…

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Japanese Movie - 1991

Hama-chan and Michiko have a son, whom they name Koitaro. At the office, Su-san's nephew begins work at the construction company and becomes friends with Hama-chan. When the nephew runs off with the sister of Hama-chan's friend, he and Su-san go looking for the young lovers and fishing, of course.

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Japanese Movie - 1992

Hama-chan and Michiko's son, Koitaro, is now one year old. When Michiko leaves home to attend a school reunion and Michiko's mother is unable to care for the infant, Hama-chan is forced to take Koitaro to work and the baby soon gets lost, creating all manner of havoc at the construction firm.

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Japanese Movie - 1993

Su-san must give a lecture in far-off Iwate, which serves as another excuse for the company president and Hama-chan to go fishing. Once there, however, Hama-chan is mistaken for the company president and Su-san for his chauffeur! But Su-san is delighted at the mix-up: he gets to go fishing with a beautiful…

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Japanese Movie - 1994

Approached by a friend about a matchmaking arrangement, Su-san goes to Hama-chan's home seeking help. Hama-chan is away on a business trip, but Michiko entertains Su-san late into the night. When he gets drunk and ends up spending the night, Hama-chan, begins to question his boss's relationship with…

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Japanese Movie - 1997

Hama-chan's sales department gets a new supervisor, a hard-working taskmaster that's the very opposite of carefree, irresponsible Hama-chan. The veteran employee decides to find his boss, a divorced father, a new wife. The supervisor loves a bar hostess "mama-san," but is unable to confess his true…

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Japanese Movie - 1998

Su-san burnt out, and suddenly resigned as president of the company and run away. Hama-chan looked for him and finally found out him at the office building where Hama-chan used to work. Su-san got a job as a caretaker of that building..

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