Working for loan sharks, a cruel man gets money from debtors one way or the other. One day, a woman appears in front of him, apologizing for throwing him away and insisting that she is his mother.

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  • Justifying an Addiction

    Eri's addicted to dramas, but she's got 5 perfectly good and justifiable reasons!
    • Oct 9, 2013

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  • Dec 22, 2012 1 of 1 episodes seen
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    Another film by Kim Ki Duk, another hard jab at gut. It's the dark side of the moon named South Korea, a minute of it is enough to blow the 'flower boy' bubble.

    The movie is about Kang Do, a brutal being works for the loan sharks and a middle aged woman claim to be his mother. Most of the movie takes place in Myeongdong district in Seul, the poorest one. Apparently if you expect a korean to film outside Gangnam, it's mainly Kim Ki duk or, Park Chan Wok. The movie itself a painful journey, a journey you are glad that you take and you wont take again. Don't take me wrong, i love everything about the movie, from Michelangelo inspired poster to grusome mutilation,
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  • B612 Mar 6, 2014
    [R] Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian
  • Betty_Boop Jan 3, 2014
    This more like a remake from a Philippine movie..
    • educto1 Feb 15, 2014
      I'm from the Philippines, what movie was it? :)
    • Betty_Boop Feb 25, 2014
      You know Peita?! Its been remake the orig was w/ Ace Vergel and I don't know who's the young actor is.
    • educto1 Feb 26, 2014
      lol. taga Pinas ka? Err, I know Ace V. but I don't know the orig movie.
      1 ❤
    • Betty_Boop Feb 26, 2014
      Ace Vergel was at the original film and the newest was shown like i think 2 yrs or more than that. yeah we lived there until we move to different country to live and work for another 2 or more years.
      1 ❤
  • Banana Jul 20, 2013
    It recently was at the pictures in a next door town to mine, I'm really sad I missed it cause they don't often put Korean films at the cinema in France :'(
  • NanaKikujiro Jul 5, 2013
    This is one of the best works of cult director Kim Ki-duk. The evolution of the characters, and how human cruelty can be understood through forgiveness, revenge, or a sense of shame and guilt for those who suffer. A cinematic masterpiece!
  • londonpaulo Mar 27, 2013
    korea has definately a voice in coniemporary cinema, but im not sure this is their best example. From the conception to the actually finished article alot was lost. the idea was great though, but the execution too crude and attempting to shock at every corner. restraint was needed.
  • DramaLoverSara Mar 20, 2013
    where can i watch this ??
  • Simba87 Mar 8, 2013
    When I exit the cinema. I walk for 30 minutes maybe and I was like hitten by something. It was so... I think I don't have enough words in my dictionary to describe it... just amazing
  • _Ahsen_ Mar 3, 2013
    fantastic ..
  • Madame-B Mar 1, 2013
    what a movie! so freakin´ crazy! love it !
  • Madame-B Feb 28, 2013
    i hope the subs are coming soon :((
  • Jas9420 Jan 10, 2013
    I came across this movie in the newspaper where they said that it won the Golden Lion for the best film in the 69th Venice Film Festival. Though after reading the synopsis and some other comments, it doesn't really feel like my type of movie, I'll still give it a go.
  • compay Jan 3, 2013
    One of the most disturbing movies I've seen. It's shot to look very realistic, while the events are like something you hope never happen in real life. If you like the movie or want more of the crazy movies like that, watch Bad Guy, the movie by the same director.
  • Raincat Dec 22, 2012
    Trailer for this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBpEiDwNuN8
  • xxelinaxx Oct 13, 2012
    The craziest movie I've ever seen. I laughed so much because it was so ridiculous.. one freaky scene after another.. you were constantly thinking "what the hell did i just watch". I wouldn't watch it again though..
    • poice Dec 3, 2012
      Can you tell me what was so ridiculous? I mean - this movie presented dark, tragic story about people whose lives were destroyed by money, hatred, vengeance... The final scene made me speechless. Most part of the movie I was rather in mood to cry than to laugh...
      4 ❤
    • xxelinaxx Dec 3, 2012
      Well I wasn't prepared to this kind of movie when I went with my friends..

      What I thought was so irritating and at that moment ridiculous was for example when the guy raped his mother and the next day she cooked for him waiting at the table for him to come eat.

      I mean WTF? Awkward.

      Or how they spent days together afterwards..
      Or in the beginning when her character was introduced and she appeared infront of his house. he opened the door and wanted to shut it again when she put her hand inbetween!! He kept hitting her hand with the door.. but she didn't pull it away.

      Or when he was sleeping and she helped him jerking off!!!!!!!!! I thought "Omg wtf is wrong with her?"...

      Both seemed like insane people..
      I couldn't relate to any of them in any way..

      Towards the end when we realize it's not his real mother it started making sense.. but i still didn't like the story^^
      2 ❤
    • poice Dec 6, 2012
      I understand your point of view. Some scenes were awkward for me too. But have you seen others movies of Kim Ki Duk? Because that's his style - most of his characters are driven by emotions like lust. Also most of his movies hang around human drama, complicated relations. For me Pieta was a wonderful and thought provoking journey. Anyway I strongly recommend you his previous movies :)
    • xxelinaxx Dec 6, 2012
      Oh I see :) Yeah it was a provoking journey indeed. I guess if I had known the film maker and his style before maybe I would have had a different opinion about the movie.
      I watched it at a Film Festival in Germany and it was highly recommended ... I can understand why.^^
      As I said I was totally unprepared and had no idea what I was going to watch. But even though it was not my cup of tea it got stuck in my head for sure.^^

      What other movies of Kim Ki Duk can you recommend? Any favorite that I should give a try? :)
      1 ❤
    • poice Dec 6, 2012
      I watched almost every of Kim Ki Duk films :))I think my favorites are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... And Spring; 3 Iron and Address Unknown. Be prepared for movies that makes you think about dark side of life, meaning of love/relationship with other people, searching purpose of life.
    • xxelinaxx Dec 6, 2012
      Alright :) I might give them a try. Thank you!
    • Madame-B Dec 27, 2012
      hey guys where are you watched this film?
    • xxelinaxx Dec 27, 2012
      I watched it at a film festival in germany^^
    • Madame-B Dec 28, 2012
      wirklich? wie geil :D
    • xxelinaxx Dec 30, 2012
      aaah auch Deutsche? :D haha wie cool :)
      ja und zwar in Frankfurt^^ war aber nicht wirklich begeistert davon.. naja.. andere finden den sehr gut^^
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  • Main Title: Pieta
  • Native title: 피에타
  • Also Known as: Pieta

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