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Hi, I'm Am~ (Don't worry, that's just a nickname). I'm just the usual drama watcher here, although as of right now, I'm still new. I only started watching around September of 2016 with a short web drama. But I definitely do know that I'll start watching a lot more and finishing a lot more. I'll be a 100% honest though and say that I was originally (and still am) an anime watcher, and sometimes one hour episodes compared to twenty four minute episodes don't catch my attention span.

I definitely still will watch both sides though, guaranteed. I also love Kpop and Jpop, I bascially don't even know what American music is anymore. I'm not that fun or interesting, but if you want, send a friend request or leave a comment. I'm.. super sorry if you don't get a response though. I sometimes put responding off and eventually forget about it, and don't realize it until it's too long and find it awkward to respond after so long. I'll try, though!



Don't worry, it's not just actors and actresses.




Park Ji-min/Jimin

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